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Be a Patriotic Consumer & Boycott Our Worst Enemy…China!!! Red Stickers to Protest and Identify!!! Don’t Support Third Party Terrorist With Your Hard Earned Cash!!!

Let me explain; I don’t hate, or even dislike the people of China, or the great heritage they have, but we can no longer ignore the actions of a communist government that is continually supporting and emboldening the terrorist and American hating nations that would love to see us all dead. They’re supplying the food, the Fuel, and the weapons to countries like North Korea, Syria, and Iran. These countries in turn supply weapons, and technology to terrorist groups like Hamas, Al Quida, Taliban, and Hezbollah with the arms that kill our Soldiers, our ally’s soldiers, and innocent civilians around the world.

As patriotic Americans we can no longer wait for our government to stop this madness! We need to do it with our powers as consumers. I’m not asking for people to call their congressmen or elected officials… (This rarely works, lately) I’m asking all of us to stop purchasing Chinese made products. I’m asking people to bring with them the next time they go shopping at their local retailer…little, or better yet, big red sticky dots, and write MIC (Made in China) on them, (preferably in Yellow marker) and stick these dots, dead center on any product you see at your local retailer that is made in China. It needs to be obvious to all Americans where these products were manufactured, (Not in some little two point font print at the bottom of the back of the box) so we won’t mistakenly purchase… We need to inform our friends, our family, our co-Workers and our neighbors how serious this issue is. (Don’t support third party Terrorist with your hard earned Cash)

This needs to be a national, and heart felt movement!!! (So don’t be Bashful, because loving your nation and its security is a great thing)

Again, I am not against Chinas people or their history, but I think its time we make them aware of how important the American consumers and our patriotic beliefs are. We need to make them aware we are not happy with what they are promoting. They could be taking a huge chunk out of terrorism if they wanted to, and if they took it seriously. So we need to hit them where it will hurt them the most. We need to tell the Chinese how serious the issues are.

A byproduct may be…we actually support more U.S. manufacturing jobs… That said,
The sad, yet ironic parts of all this is…Most of the red sticky dots you can purchase are now manufactured in China!!! (But, they are cheap. and will go a long way)

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