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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

I am constantly amazed how Hollywood can produce movies that highlight traditional American values and morality as if they were the fantasy, while their false ideology they try to live as if were reality. Perhaps they were not cognizant of the fact that this movie so thoroughly exemplifies the virtue of Faith, the work ethic of Hope, and the giving of Charity.

Digressing a moment, we can say that Faith, Hope, and Charity are subsets of Love. All ingredients are necessary for the complete love experience. In the mental health field, all theory of psychoneurosis can be reduced thusly: in the final analysis, it is only love that can destroy (thru distorted assimilation or perceptions) and it is only love that can heal. A good practitioner is adept in his/her knowledge, whereas a great practitioner is skilled in an empathy that can only arise through love.

Love suggests that a person be a cheerleader for the other persons cause. It requires empathy, the ability to experience the world through their eyes. This is communion, and is the basis for all truthful communication. This is the real life story of Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy, as re-enacted by Hollywood.

Sandra Bullock and her family take into their home an orphaned black boy. Seeing his plight they felt it the only proper Christian thing to do, not because their religion has any such dictum, but because of the their own moral depth and commitment to Love, because of the compassion that a genuine communion with the world about you will bring forth.

Sandra Bullock seeks to experience his world, as he himself might experience it, and as such, she begins to 'know' him. Where other people have failed to contribute to this orphan's growth, she discovers the secret to that which inspires him, and thus ignites his HE needs it.

She incorporates him totally into her family, at his pace, in his way. Her selflessness is the key to his future greatness. She asks for nothing, for love is it's own reward.

In aiding him in his education, she comes to understand that traditional classroom experiences are not compatible with the way he learns, and hires a special tutor for him (played by Kathy Bates). One of the best parts of the movie is when Sandra was interviewing Bates for this position, Bates concluded the interview with this:

"I have something I must tell you before you make a decision about hiring is something I never tell anyone, but I feel you deserve to know the truth...."

She let's this hang in the air until Sandra is forced to inquire..."well...what is it"?

"well, before you hire me, you should know I am a Democrat"! (she rightly hangs her head upon such an announcement)

Despite this egregious deficiency, Sandra hires her anyway. (love is forgiveness)

Ultimately, the young man becomes a pro football star.

But as I watched the movie, I could not help but remember America as we knew it. Within the movie the bureaucrats tried to intervene, and of course in the process almost completely destroyed all that had been accomplished. The concept of "love" is an alien concept to bureaucracy.

No one legislated generosity and compassion. It came from the solid moral principles that are ingrained into all decent people.

This is the America the Progressives wish to destroy? They can give this movie academy award recognition, yet they fail to see merit in that which they applaud?

I give this overview because I hope that everyone will watch this movie and experience the movie in a personal way. It is a true story. You would have to be dead in the soul not to be touched by this movie...and you will see what it is we fight so hard to preserve. I hope it strengthens your resolve, invigorates your spirit, and vitalizes your actions.

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