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What happened in Charlottesville is a tragedy on so many levels.  The fake news reporting from so many including FOX News is not helpful.  If We The People were given the story, fairly, accurately, without the erroneous labeling of groups, we can solve this.  So long as incorrect labels are used to define the groups involved, this will continue.


Hate based blindly on a particular attribute is WRONG!  It does not matter whether it is skin color, religion, origin, sex, or anything else it is wrong and stupid!  Yet the left is a master at doing this and blaming the right for it.  Our fake news media enables this.


One part of the fake news is defining the skin heads, NAZIs, KKK, and white supremacists as extreme right wing is wrong.  It is “politically correct” which makes it wrong.  If you look into these hate groups, they have nothing in common with the Republican Party, Conservatism, or President Trump.  To make any such connection is lying.


The KKK and its derivative, the skin heads, trace their roots to the Democrat Party.  For decades after the Civil War, the KKK was the muscle of the Democrat Party to enforce segregation and Jim Crowe laws in the South.  They still are a force to keep blacks “on the Democrat plantation”.  They are used to hold blacks in poverty and dependent on government programs for a minimal existence.  This is not the policy of the GOP and Conservatives.  So calling these radical groups right wing is a lie and should be rebutted at every turn.


The other side is no better.  The collective that showed up to counter protest is just as biased and bigoted.  The so called antifa, are today’s fascists.  They are using the exact same tactics that Hitler’s Brown Shirts used to bring Hitler and the NAZIs to power in Germany.  They do not believe in freedom.  They believe in extreme hate to any and all that don’t goose step to their radicalism.  This antifa is funded by George Soros a real NAZI.  Something we are not supposed to know.


The Black Lives Matter is another hate group.  They are about preventing police from doing their duty to enforce laws in minority communities.  If Black Lives Matter was to succeed, then drug gangs and not police would be in control of these areas.  No group should be supporting this.


Another good question is why didn’t the police intervene early to keep the groups apart?  Instead, they stood on the side and when trouble broke out, they cut and ran.  WHY?  Who ordered the police to stand down?  Was it the mayor?  Was it the police chief?  WHO?  That person is unfit to remain in office!  They are guilty of allowing violence to happen.  Will we find out who? 


Both sides were spoiling for a fight.  A fight they got.  The police should have kept the groups far enough apart to prevent the fight.  Yelling and cursing at each other is free speech.  But fiscal violence, pepper spray, throwing things is not free speech.  It is a crime.  Our police are as much to prevent crime as they are to solve crime.  This could have been prevented if the police had been used to keep these groups apart.  It would have in the end been a non-news story.


Three wrongs don’t make a right.  Sadly, they do make a tragic news story. 


The best solution for these extreme groups is to ensure they peacefully get to rant and rave.  The American people need to be informed about the extreme left wing views of all these groups.  Then we need to be able to laugh at them!  Laughter and not violence is the best antidote.  The more we laugh at them, the less attractive they become to followers.  The more we laugh at these groups, the smaller they become.  Laughter is the cure for this hate.  Laughter is the best medicine!

Bill Geresy

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Comment by Karen Damvelt on August 16, 2017 at 5:40pm

Part of the problem is that various History is Not even being Taught in Schools--Most dont know of WW2, the Berlin Wall and other Items.  The Other Problem is Letting Out of State Groups Come In--They want to take charge and that messes things up all the more.


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