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Christian Pastor Asks Pro-Sodomy Bakery for Cake – Bakery Refuses, Calls Cops, Seeks Legal Action

Josh Feuerstein is a popular YouTube and social media personality who was troubled by things he saw going on in our modern culture. Specifically, he was bothered by the double standard that Christians in America seem to be suffering under when it comes to serving same-sex “wedding” ceremonies. So Feuerstein decided to run a little test of his own by calling a vocally sodomy friendly bakery (Cut the Cake Bakery) in central Florida and asking them to bake a cake that said “We Do Not Support Gay Marriage.”

The pro-sodomy bakery refused.

Feuerstein then posted the video showing the entire exchange online, proving our point that a definite double standard does exist. At least Christians have a deeply held religious belief that they are pointing to when they refuse service for same-sex “weddings”; these pro-sodomy bakeries (there have been many other recent examples of similar situation) have no such closely held religious belief to point to.

local news report explains what happened and also describes that the bakery is seeking legal action because of the “damage” done to their bakery.

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By the way, did you catch this:

“I need a sheet cake and I need it to say, ‘We do not support gay marriage’ [silence],” said Feuerstein in the video posted to his Facebook page earlier this week [full video below].

“He wanted us to put a hateful message on a cake and I said, ‘We’re not going to do that,’” Sharon Haller, owner of Cut the Cake, told Local 6.

Cut the Cake is a mom-and-pop shop now at the center of controversy over the phone call and video.

“For me, this is not about gay people; it’s about religious freedom,” Feuerstein said in the nearly 4-minute video.

Feuerstein told Local 6 over Skype that this was a social experiment following Indiana’s new and controversial religious freedom law.

“I wanted to see if it was actually a double standard; if a gay-friendly bakery and one that advertised themselves as so on pro-LGBT wedding sites would actually bake a cake that went against their principles,” said Feuerstein.

(I’m not sure how ‘We Do Not Support Gay Marriage’ is a “Hateful” message, but I digress…)

Now Sharon Haller and her bakery are seeking legal action. They’ve contacted the local police, the FBI and legal counsel, and are considering taking legal action against Feuerstein in particular for starting this whole thing. Sadly, in Florida their legal action might actually have legs, because Florida law says you cannot record someone without letting them know in advance. (Even if it’s a business that asks clients to call them, which should automatically mean that they have no expectation of privacy.)

Yep. That’s right.

Out west Christians who refuse service to same-sex “weddings” have the government fine them and force them out of business. In Florida, a sodomy friendly bakery not only doesn’t have to serve Christians, they can actually get that Christian in trouble with the law!!

But no double standard exists, right liberals?

Sharon Haller, owner of Cut the Cake Bakery in Longwood, Florida is very deftly acting the victim in this case. But what she is facing is no different to what the other high profile Christian businesses who have stood for their faith have had to deal with. No one seemed worried when the bakery Sweetcakes by Melissa in Oregon was being harassed, threatened, then forced to close. Or when Memories Pizza was being inundated by hatred from homosexual activists. Or when florist Barronelle Stutzman was fined by the government and threatened with losing both home and business. Or when photographer Elane Huguenin was sued and fined for declining to participate in a same-sex “wedding.”

The truth is that a major double standard does indeed exist.

In case you’d like to see Feuerstein’s original video, here is the copy that was posted by the Bakery. Yes, the same people who asked Feuerstein to take his video down (which he did), then put the video right back up.



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Comment by SGT William A. Geresy (ret) on April 16, 2015 at 8:35pm

One has to ask the simple question, why are Christians of faith always wrong on this?

We are supposed to bow to homosexuals when they want services from Christians.

Yet homosexuals call the police and charge us with a hate crime if we want a product they feel is offensive.

Why?  To mean this is as clear of a double standard as you can find!


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