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Comments regarding an article in a San Diego newspaper

Sent to Ruben at his email address

(Journalist for The San Diego Union-Tribune)


I came across your article about Obama's recent trip to Mexico as I was maintaining my Twitter account at and was compelled to write you. I respect journalists for their unbiased reporting and honest approach to cover stories. Also, journalists have all the "ink" needed to get the story out and that was something taught to me during my graduate days.

As a US citizen, I know it is probably good overall policy to help fight the cartels. However, I don't agree that the US should bear the burden of funding the effort. I certainly don't agree that US soldiers should sacrifice their lives by fighting the drug war on Mexican soil. According to Mexican population reports, they have plenty of Mexican citizens capable of doing that on their own. I am not being derogatory in any way with that statement. I am simply stating my opinion as those values were instilled in me by my parents. Those values are to protect and respect our American values, our American heritage and my fellow US citizens.

When we have an internal problem in our country (can you think of a current situation), the US aids itself.

Mexico needs to pay for their efforts to eradicate the cartels that plague their country and in essence plague our country. On many fronts, literally and figuratively, the US border must be vigorously patrolled and defended from illegal intrusion. Please note that illegal intrusion doesn't just plague this country with drugs, arms, but also with an emphasis on eroding the American value of hard work and honest work. Many Americans are without jobs, for a variety of reasons, but the truth of the matter is that many jobs are being taken by the massive numbers of illegal intrusion into our country.

Yes, the US government is remiss in exacting pressure on US employers who continue to exploit illegal immigrants by hiring them as below-minimum wages if not "cash under the table". In as much as the US government funds and patrols other governments for wrongdoing, injustices, it must start patrolling within our own borders for the same infractions.

On another subject, and as you are a Harvard educated person and journalist, I'd like to discuss with you my efforts in making English the official language of the United States. I am quite confident that we can all agree that learning and speaking English is in the best interest of our country, our future and the future of those who want to call the US home.

For the record, I am opposed to giving driver's license examinations and to allowing people to vote in any language other than English. There is just something inherently wrong with voting in other languages. Furthermore and in my opinion as an immigrant who came to the US at the age of three, it is a complete disservice to people wanting to learn English by making it easy or in the realm of political correctness to offer multiple languages or translators when conducting an official transaction with any level of government in the US.

As many friends have shared with me, "Eddie, why should I learn English when this government makes it easy to accomplish things in my native tongue." Ruben, that attitude begets laziness and we cannot afford that in our country ever and certainly during these trying times.

As Americans, we honor those who gave their lives to defend our country, to protect our liberties and to perpetuate our freedom. To that end and because of their sacrifices, we also can agree to disagree on issues and still conduct a civil discourse. My two dear friends lost their lives as Marines in Iraq carrying out their responsibilities as Americans. I will not allow their ultimate sacrifice for me as an American to pass without recognition.

Please visit my Blog to learn more of why I am supporting making English our official language.

Thanks for your time. Oh yea, Go RED SOX!!
(I grew up in the Boston area)

Eddie V Garcia

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