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Conference Call with DrKate and Dame Central Thurs 4/23 9 EST

Greetings Patriots,

This weeks' conference call guest speaker will be DrKate and Dame Central, of Constitutional Radio.

DrKate and Dame Central met through the political activism for voting reform that began during the 2008 election campaign and in January of 2009 combined forces to launch "Constitutional Radio" in order to educate themselves and their listeners about our Constitution and Bill of Rights through guests that include attorneys and Constitutional scholars, with the goal of informing, motivating and rallying Americans to take action to restore our republic through ground work and other networking.

Drkate holds a Ph.d in Hydrology and has written extensively on current issues regarding the state of the republic, the Constitution and the eligibility issue, to include the exceptional essay "Stand By Me" on why we must not abandon the Constitution.

Links to various Dr. Kate articles:

Dame is a writer, activist and public relations consultant with experience in both corporate and grassroots organizations. Current plans for 2009 include the expansion of their radio content.

Also they are coordinating several large Rallies for the Republic in concert with other bipartisan coalitions of American patriots to take place in various cities over the next several months, among which include the June 13 Veterans' rally in DC, as well as gatherings in July 4, and Sept 11-12, and others. .

Dame's blogspot:
and .

Radio: presents Constitutional Radio
Tuesdays 10:00 PM EST

"The Dame Truth" on Monday nights at 8 PM EST

Conference call info:


Thursday, April 23rd

9:00 p.m. est

8 p.m. Central

Dial in: contact for info

Join us for another great and informative call!

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