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Red flags were raised and alarms were set off by the Obama Executive Order 12425, which grants Interpol, an International law enforcement organization exemption from accountability to any U.S. national authority, and grants it the ability to operate as it wishes within our borders, while freeing it from any semblance of transparency and accountability, specifically exempting it from our Freedom of Informaion Act.

Although some question the extent of the privileges granted Interpol, legitimate concerns by Constitutionalists have been expressed, and yet in the shuffle to complain and protest about INTERPOL, the basic questions have tended to be ignored. Questions, like WHO OWNS INTERPOL? It resides in France. Is it a French Government agency? No. It’s a private group, a Police Club. Sort of.

They have an “executive committee,” but they do not show their true Board of Directors. Its members are the police organizations of “member countries.”

They share information so that they can track criminals.

The information shared, ostensibly is information about suspected criminals. “Alleged suspects” is what we call them here in the United States. But that term is not universal. In most other countries, a suspect is guilty until proven innocent. So, these governments that our country is sharing files with, do not have the same civil or criminal protections that we have here in the U.S.

Just who are these Interpol members that the U.S. is sharing information with? Are they considered “friendly” governments?

Iran, Cuba, Syria, Russia, China, Venezuela, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Iraq. There are many others, perhaps not so prominent, but these are the ones that would sound “security” alarms and issues. And even if the information sharing was limited not to include these unfriendly countries, how would one ensure that the countries THEY are friendly with do not share information provided by access to Interpol’s U.S. files?

Do we have any safeguards in place to prevent that? Was there a document provided by the Obama administration or the Justice Department accompanying the Executive Order listing the rights of privacy and guarantees of security and how those secure channels would be guaranteed for U.S. citizens, as part of the immunity from our disclosure laws and other privileges that Interpol enjoys?

No there wasn’t, and there wasn’t, because it was not written or even considered.

And what if there were "suspects" here in the U.S. who were never convicted or indicted for anything? Does Interpol have access to those files? Would this person traveling overseas be “secure” in their travels? What if the traveler happened to be a person who had been involved in a protest in Washington D.C. against policies of a foreign government, like China, Iran, or Syria? Would that person be safe from the police or security forces abroad?

Might the files of U.S. citizens, which find their way to the police units of foreign countries wind up with false information planted in them by those governments in order to discredit them here in the U.S. for their activities against the policies of those governments? What would be there to check that temptation by, say, Iran?

And what of the Islamic Terror influence in some governments like Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan? Does not Jihad dictate that action be taken against “Infidels?” Would a sympathetic policeman of a somewhat unfriendly state resist the temptation to insert false information in U.S. files and then “share” those files back into the U.S. files system? While there are protections here in the U.S., what would a policeman do if he called in for information on a person during a routine traffic stop, and the file indicated that the person was “armed and dangerous,” because the file had been falsified by a foreign government?

“Armed and Dangerous.”

How would that policeman react when the “suspect,” reached in his coat pocket to obtain his driver’s license?

None of this was spelled out by the Obama Executive Directive. In fact, the Executive Directive was touted as merely adding to privileges granted to Interpol during the Reagan administration. (Must be ok to do this, since it was put in by a previous administration!)

A quick background check of Interpol by any citizen would result in information about them that would keep one from granting Interpol a security clearance, much less grant them full access to files on U.S. citizens, and certainly not grant them immunity from inspection of their files.

Interpol was a tool of Nazi Germany, with notables Reinhardt Heydrich, the author of the Nazi Holocaust’s “final solution,” and the war criminal Ernst Kaltenbrunner, hanged for his crimes at Nuremberg.

Heydrich had a file system of "index cards" on political enemies. One of his tactics was to plant false information in the files in order to create friction between opponents and facilitate "purging" the Reich of opponents.

Interpol apologists offer the explanation that the Nazi history and affiliation were terminated at the end of WWII, however, Interpol’s 1968 president was a man named Paul Dickopf, who was a member not just of the Gestapo SS, but of the elite Nazi security police, the S.D. His SS# was 337259. The last time I checked, 1968 was well after the end of WWII.

Now why would a U.S. administration, with full access to this background information, still grant Interpol the status they enjoy today? If you are one of the ones that have criticized my calling the current adherents of Liberal causes in our government National Socialists (Nazis), think of this action that exempts Interpol from our laws and how they have jumped at the opportunity to open up our security to foreign governments via a Nazi organization with such a dubious past.

Here is the NAZI connection of our current government by way of Interpol and its past and current connections.

The concern of civil libertarians about the possibility of U.S. citizens being open to arrest while traveling in foreign countries, because they have taken political action here in the U.S. is legitimate. And so is the concern of what may be entered in the files of U.S. citizens by foreign governments in order to discredit them or cause them harm here in the U.S. by false or tainted information. Who would fault a traffic patrolman for severely treating someone who had been labeled “armed and dangerous” and even causing him bodily harm or killing him, because he thought the “suspect,” was brandishing a gun instead of reaching for identification? How would the patrolman know?

Indeed, the duties of policemen would be greatly hampered, for, with the possibility of false information in the files of U.S. citizens, how would they know what is a legitimate entry? It would render the files useless.

How does anyone know that their files are not being tainted even as they read this article? What does that do to your feeling secure in your neighborhood, when you go shopping for groceries or are on your way to work?

This is the work of Conflict Mongers. Are the National Socialists so incompetent that they would not consider that opening up our files to Interpol would wreak havoc on a national scale, and render our security and our police actions less effective than they are now? Are they so stupid as to believe that such affiliation would not benefit criminals and terrorists and penalize law abiding U.S. citizens? Is this just a weird accident of fallible government?

Or is this by DESIGN?

If you suddenly feel an urge to panic, because of this information, be assured that it is not an unhealthy response. And you might want to channel that feeling into constructive action by finding out which of the current elected officials might have the backbone to stand up to this and initiate action in the form of legislation that makes it illegal to cooperate with any entity, government or private, and any information sharing activity that involves the dissemination or transfer of data on U.S. citizens to any individual or group outside of this country. It would be prudent also to include in such legislation, harsh penalties that would deter even bribed individuals from violating those laws.

And you might want to ask, why, immediately after the Interpol “exemptions” were issued, such legislation was not championed by neither Conservatives nor the National Socialists.

What might they have in store for you? The time to act is now.

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