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Constitution Ride Across America: Ride for Freedom

Greetings Friends,

Recently I was contacted by a fantastic Patriot Daren L. Gardner in regards to a new mission he has embarked on. Daren requested for me to assist in the New Hampshire portion of the event (taking place on August 19) to which I agreed.

However: I have offered to assist in any way possible, including on the national level and am asking for you to do the same. Thus, I would like ALL of you to become Partners in this effort!

The reason I've contacted you specifically in this message is because I believe it ties in well with your existing efforts and will compliment one another quite well!

I am reaching out to the best activists, organizational and social media folks I know to really help Daren promote and grow his effort. Daren is a great guy, 50 year old Liberty loving Constitutional Patriot preparing to ride his motorcycle from August 15 to October 30th to every state capital for a special Constitutional Presentation.

Many permits are in the works or are secured but assistance is still needed in that area as well.

I would like for us all to ban together, partner up with Daren's CRAA effort and cross promote the living daylights out of everything we are all doing to take back our country as a UNIFIED FRONT.

Above and beyond the Social-Media campaign assistance is needed at the state level as well. Get YOUR CANDIDATES to speak at the event, find the Legislator you think deserves the honor of being presented the Constitution etc. Assist with speakers, permits and organizing.

I plan on assisting with live-broadcasts (video and Audio as well as blogtalk radio) of events and just about every online platform and avenue one can think of. Any of you that can and are willing to assist it will be greatly appreciated and also a great way to promote your efforts and share in our common goals.

Thank you SO MUCH for all you do and I sincerely hope you can and will assist us in this great endeavor!!


Please Follow Daren on Twitter @CRAA2010

Friend Daren on Facebook :

You can view Daren's website at
The Rice Schedule is located Here:

Following is one of the State Coordinator Letters from Daren -

Hi Everyone,
Starting on Aug. 15th, I will be doing a Constitution Ride Across America on my motorcycle. I will be going to 48 State Capitols across our nation and holding a rally at each one. All to bring awareness to the destruction of our US Constitution. I leave our State Capitol here in Richmond, VA on Aug. 15th and end up in DC at the Nation’s Capitol on Oct. 30th, just 3 days before our 2010 Elections. A lot of support and logistics are being worked out to make this happen. I hope to talk to as many citizens across our country that feels the way I do about the direction our nation is headed. This is for all citizens, not a bike rally.

What I need at each rally location which will be the State Capitol grounds, a coordinator, who can;

1) Get permits needed, or let me know and I will obtain it if you can supply me with name a number of contact.

2) The rally will last 1 to 1 1/2 hours. I will speak for twenty minutes on the destruction of our Constitution. I will also do a ceremonial Constitution presentation to a state legislator who you can line up for me. This legislator will agree to sign a resolution to uphold the Constitution along with the 47 other legislators across the country.

3) Line up good conservative candidates, especially those who are trying to unseat liberals, to come and share their platform for why they should be elected. Limit them to 5 minutes.

4) If you have someone who can sing a patriotic song, and of course open the event with prayer and the pledge.

5) Get the word out and get as many citizens to come out and participate.

I will be available to help or answer any questions you might have. We want to fire the country up to get out and vote for common sense conservative candidates. I thank you for your interest and with your help this national event will help pave the way for taking back the house in November. If you need to call me (cell 804-399-8134) please feel free to do so.

Thank you,

Daren Gardner
Richmond, VA

Riding for Freedom

I, like most of you, would rather be going along with life as usual, but have found that to be extremely difficult for the last twenty-four months. I am a 50 year old small business owner, who loves God, my Family, my Country, and my Freedom. I have had to make a commitment, to either fight for our Freedom, or keep going and ignore the truth about what is happening in our country today, wondering can I make a difference.

January 2009, one year ago, I did decide to commit to step up, and dedicate my free time to make a difference. Well, as it has turned out, it has taken way more than my free time. I will also say, I would have it no other way.

This past year I have been to Washington, DC on no less than five occasions for rallies. I had not been to Washington D. C. five times in the last thirty years. As a common sense conservative, I consider myself a huge grassroots activist if you want to call me that. I used every chance I could, to be involved and be educated about the issues at hand. I have really felt like I was in a war, with many battles at hand. Winning them one by one, knowing another one was ahead to fight, all along making friends all across this great land.

Well, let me tell you, "WE THE PEOPLE" have made the difference. This war is not won on the back of one American, but on the backs of many. Because I love America, and the Freedom it stands for, and I will not sit back and watch our country be mandated, and force onto the citizens changes that are in direct conflict with the Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence, our forefathers founded this country on. So, I ask you America, to support this Constitution Ride Across America, and come out and "Rally Up" when I ride into your state capitol.

Daren Gardner

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