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Court to rule in military funeral case

Has anyone seen this on NBC Nightly News tonight (March 8, 2010)?

This is the most disgusting and appalling event I've ever seen being done by AMERICANS of the Baptist faith and I'm just sickened by it!

I normaly don't watch NBC Nightly News, since they are so biased lately and since they endorsed and praise Obama ever since his campaign in '08, I just don't watch NBC anymore; but we just happend to have the NBC TV channel on waiting for another channel to come up on our FIOS program setting when I heard Brian Williams introducing the program's 'Top Headlines", I heard one headline that I wanted to sit and listen and watch - he titled it "When Freedom of Speech" gets in the way of military funerals at veterans cemeteries"....

The article is posted up on the MSNBC's website here: ---- LOOK at the picture on the left of that article of the signs that were carried by the protestors while a mililtary funeral was going on at a veterans cemetary in Maryland 4 years ago!! It's absolutely appalling!

Here are 3 paragraphs from that articel here:


WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court is entering an emotionally charged dispute between the grieving father of a Marine who died in Iraq and the anti-gay protesters who picket military funerals with inflammatory messages like "Thank God for dead soldiers."

The court agreed Monday to consider whether the protesters' message, no matter how provocative or upsetting, is protected by the First Amendment or limited by the competing privacy and religious rights of the mourners.

The justices will hear an appeal from a Marine's father to reinstate a $5 million verdict against the protesters after they picketed outside his son's funeral in Maryland four years ago. Members of a Kansas-based church have picketed military funerals to spread their belief that U.S. deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq are punishment for the nation's tolerance of homosexuality."

The protestors are from a Kansas based Baptist church group!!! The Nerve of these people to picket and protest while a military funeral is going on! The father of the veteran being buried was outraged and disheartened at what he saw going on while his SON was being buried in the veterans cemetery. He told NBC that his son's grave is now "tarnished" because of that he is suing the church group of protestors. But the courts are "considering" the ruling in favor of the protestors because it falls under the First Amendment to the Constitution!

Ok, I'm ALL FOR the FIrst Amendment RIGHTS! But these people are WAY OUT OF LINE and have GONE TOO FAR while at a Veterna's Cemetery and WHILE A FUNERAL IS BEING CONDUCTED!!! How would THEY feel if WE went out to one of THEIR funerals and PROTESTED against WHAT THEY ARE PROTESTING agianst our military veterans?!!!

I'm so disgusted my typing is getting messed up!! I'm a military veteran retiree, married to one also, both of us served over 25 years each, and when I see something like this against our military men and women, dying for our RIGHTS to LIVE, DYING for OUR COUNTRY, then these protestors HAVE NO RIGHTS as far as I'm concerned! I don't blame the father, who buried his son, who is suing that group of UN-AMERICANS! I'd do it too!

But now the COURTS are ON THEIR (the protestors) SIDE!!!!


I want EVERYONE to read that article and to tell me that those protestors have the right to do that!! I don't care if it comes under "FREEDOM OF SPEECH"!! When it carries too far and it gets in the way of OTHERS' rights, then THEY are violating a civil RIGHT!

Unbelievable and I'm just sickened at this entire charade by these people from Kansas!!!

I used to live in that state, and am SOOOOOO glad I'm out of that state now!

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