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Czarist Insanity In America, by Bill Turner

An excerpt from a column in today's The Cypress Times -

America has a darkness, a darkness on the edge of our liberties and that darkness now operates out of Washington DC, the White House specifically. President B. Hussein Obama has the darkness of the czars wrapped around him as if they were the shrouds of war, the war upon America. As Americans we are obligated to take a very close look at the minions B. Hussein Obama surrounds himself with and then determine if Dear Leader is committing crimes against America and is in violation of his oath of office, to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Housing Czar, Adolfo Carrion Jr. is a former Bronx Borough President and now he is the Housing and Urban Development Czar. He also sits on the New York City Off Site Betting, Site Selection Committee. He is a former President of a race based group that helped people become permanent resident aliens. Adolfo was integral in helping the Yankees build a new stadium in New York, using public funds. He is also in favor of taxing drivers who use their cars to get to work, “Carrion is the most vocal outer-borough supporter of Mayor Bloomberg’s congestion pricing plan which would charge drivers a fee to enter Manhattan between the hours of 8am and 6pm in an effort to reduce congestion and minimize the City’s air pollution”. I do not see anything in his career that would warrant such a position in the White House, unless of course you give extra weight to his desire to tax people for driving to work.

Alan Bersin is the Border Czar. In preparation for this important position, Alan was the Secretary of Education for California, where he saw first hand what happens when you say, “Red rover, red rover, send all your illegal’s on over”. Given Dear Leaders desire to give amnesty to all the criminals who are in America illegally, I guess Mr. Bersin doesn’t really need to know anything about border security. I’m sure he has a pulse and is taking up space.

For more on the Czars read the entire article HERE

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