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Defense of Judge Moore

By SGT William Geresy (ret)


This is a very hot topic for Alabama and the nation.  There is a tremendous amount of information and misinformation swirling about like a category 5 hurricane.  It is hard to know what fact from fiction is.  There are a few simple ideas that should be agreed on.


Before I start, I want to get this on the record to help you understand where I am coming from.  I have been the victim of false claims of sexual harassment by females.  Contrary to the popular view, it does happen.  It is very real.  I was fired from a company because of fake charges by a female I knew.  I was not allowed in any way to defend myself.  The process there made a kangaroo court a much higher standard.  I later learned what was claimed never ever happened.  If I had been allowed to hear what the claim was, I could have easily disproved the charge.  I have been subject to other false claims that I was able to deal with.


The many claims against Judge Moore happened decades ago.  How many of us can recall everything minute detail of everything we did that long ago?  Can you?  I cannot!  So it would be extremely hard if not impossible for Judge Moore to recall all the details he needs to refute the claims.  His opponents know this.


I have read stories about a reporter trying to pay a lady so she would claim Judge Moore had improper contact with her.  This is not journalism.  It is “Pay to Say”.  That is a complete disgrace to journalism.  This leaves wide open for people to wonder if this entire story isn’t more of the same.  I do.


In parts of the South then and now, a different attitude existed about proper conduct of teenage ladies.  That was if a lady wasn’t married at an early age, she was in deep trouble.  She was somehow undesirable.  So dating a man in his thirties wasn’t a big deal.  The object was almost any man will do so long as the lady gets married before she is an “old maid”.  If this was the case, it must be taken into consideration.  We must not allow our views today to mischaracterize an event from the past.  Times change.   To judge a person acting per older values that are not today’s values is wrong.


I have read the lady that claimed to be 14 was really older, maybe 17 discredits much of the story.  So much of the fake news on this has improperly used this to claim that all the ladies were of similar age.  This isn’t journalism.  It is despicable.  Yet so many fake news people have done this to trash Judge Moore.  It tells us the political leaning of the fake news person lies.


People do change over time.  All the claims happened decades ago.  Not one story has been put forward that Judge Moore is still like this.  NOT ONE!  From the great many stories out there, it would seem this is still how Judge Moore is.  There is no indication that Judge Moore broke any laws back then with his known conduct.


I think it is the strict Constitutional views, not his past conduct, that has the Senate and the GOP scared to death.  He is a person that will stand by these values no matter what the cost.  That is what has Senator McConnell shaking.  That is why Senator McConnell doesn’t want a Senator Moore.


Senator McConnell, I have to ask you where your outrage was over Senator Kennedy that you served with for so long.  Don’t you know he left a lady to suffocate in his car?  How about Senator Byrd?  Don’t you know he was part of the KKK?  What about the many sexual affairs and rapes by President Clinton?  Why were you not on the Senate floor daily demanding he resign?  I think your outrage today is fake.  It isn’t Judge Moore’s conduct in the past that bothers you.  It is his conduct as a US Senator that worries you.  What secrets of the good old boy club that is the Senate will a Senator Moore expose?  Is that what you are scared of Senator McConnell?  I wonder.


I think this entire case against Judge Moore is a trial run.  If it is successful, this is going to become like the sex scandals tearing through Hollywood.  We will be seeing women with claims against politicians of both parties.  Almost all will be false.  With the current climate of slime, the court of public opinion will destroy these people without any defense being allowed to be heard.


I think there are already paid for women being coached and pasts purged on social media to come out against President Trump and many others of both parties that do not goose step to the extreme left.


Is this the start of a slanderous coop based on lies of improper conduct by the extreme left to take complete control of America?  Something to think about.   



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Comment by Chalice on November 22, 2017 at 8:23am

I think he will win and ultimately this will help Trump because the more the Left is proven liars, the less America believes them!

Comment by Karen Damvelt on November 16, 2017 at 8:44pm

What do these Nuts think they are going to get, coming out of the woodwork 20 plus years after the fact/event has happened--They are going to get nothing--except their name/s rubbed in the news for nothing.

Comment by Laura Lloyd on November 15, 2017 at 7:33pm

I'm not from Alabama, but, I believe that this is ANOTHER example of the depths that the SWAMP will go to when they want to keep someone out of their circle!  This SMELLS liek a McConnell, Schumer, Wasserman-Schultz, McCain hit job and I do NOT believe a word of it!  COME ON ALABAMA!  Roy Moore has served you WELL and with INTEGRITY for decades -- STAND BEHIND HIM!  We NEED him in the Senate!


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