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The Democrats are licking their chops thinking they are going to win huge in November.  I am thinking their resist and trash President Trump isn't enough.  So I have been thinking of some slogans for them to use.

Here are some for the Democrats to use based on their hatred of President Trump's Tax Cuts just passed.  They want to end the tax cuts.

We need you to tighten your belt so we don't have to!

We know how to spend your money better than you do!

Money is the root of all evil.  We are better at dealing with evil!

Give to us even when it hurts you!

Don't spend money at home.  We are the experts.  Trust us to spend it!

To counter President Trump's Make America Great!

Make America third rate again!

Why should we be better than Cuba?

Let North Korea lead the world!

To counter the booming economy under President Trump.

Why should you work? 

Who needs businesses here!

Run businesses like we do our a huge loss!

I will keep adding and improving!

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