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"Die!" High school teacher stages mock assassination of Trump

A Texas high school art teacher has been placed on administrative leave after video surfaced showing her “shooting” President Donald Trump inside a classroom while screaming, “Die!”

The Secret Service field office in Irving tells me they are aware of the incident, but declined further comment.

The teacher, at W.H. Adamson High School in Dallas, posted the video to her Instagram account along with the following message: “Watching the #inauguration in my classroom like…#no #stop #denial #squirtgun #hypocrisy #powerless #saveusall #teachthembetter #atleastitsfriday.”

Voices can be heard in the background – but the school district would not say if students witnessed the teacher’s disturbing demonstration.

The Inauguration Day video has since been removed, but several prominent conservative websites managed to save a copy including Town Hall and Resistance Media.

Video of the inauguration was being broadcast inside the classroom on a whiteboard. The video shows the teacher lunging at President Trump and firing the squirt gun numerous times while shouting, “Die!”

It is disturbing, to say the least.

Dallas Independent School District seems to be taking the matter quite seriously.

"Today, we were made aware of a social media posting being circulated involving a teacher at W. H. Adamson High School,” a district spokesperson told me. “The teacher has been placed on administrative leave and the district has opened an investigation. This is a personnel matter and as such we cannot comment.”

I wonder which offense the school district finds worst: a faux assassination or a teacher using a squirt gun on school property.

Since the 2016 presidential election, liberal educators across the fruited plain have gone slap crazy. I wrote about these phenomena in my new book, “The Deplorables’ Guide to Making America Great Again.”

Some teachers have even turned their classrooms into breeding grounds for anti-Trump propaganda – going so far as to portray the commander-in-chief as a modern-day Adolf Hitler.

And I lost count of the number of educators who refused to broadcast the inauguration ceremony over fears that some fragile snowflake might take offense.

But what happened in Dallas is yet another example of how our public schools have been turned into social engineering petri dishes festering with rancorous rhetoric and hate.

What kind of a person would stage a faux assassination attempt in of all places Dallas? It’s simply repulsive.

Let’s hope Dallas ISD can muster the moral courage to take swift action to rebuke this teacher and send a message that this kind of hate has no place in a public school classroom.

Me Here....I thought all liberals hated guns.  Even more they never want guns in the classroom.  Yet this I hope former teacher probably broke how many rules and or laws to do this insanity.  If she broke laws, she should face justice after being fired.

She unfortunately like so many liberals have a huge problem with President Trump.  They are not behaving like us TEA Partiers when we opposed Usurper Barry Soetoro.  We tried repeated to have Barry removed per the law and Constitution.  Justice was denied us as this was viewed by the courts as too hot to handle.

President Trump, unlike Barry, Constitutionally qualified to be President.  President Trump was elected per the Electoral College as mandated by the Constitution.  So President Trump is President.  This lady and so many others need to deal with their extreme anger. 
Their conduct is only solidifying the support for President Trump with a great many Americans.  This outrageous conduct is not going to hurt President Trump.  This conduct does hurt those that are acting out.  The least it does is make them look silly.  At worst it makes them appear to have or be next to having a mental problem.  With a few, a few now do have a real mental issue on this.  For those few I hope they will get help.
For the rest, cool it and get over it.  President Trump will surprise you if you open you eyes and ears!  He isn't what you think.

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