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For 42 years, Bill and Hillary Clinton have stayed married, largely out of convenience and for mutual political gain. When Bill was elected president in 1991, Hillary got to spend eight years in the White House, and both Clintons were able to use a revolving door of visitors to the Lincoln Bedroom to raise cash for their Clinton Foundation, which has been accused of being nothing more than a slush fund and a tax shelter for Bill, Hillary, Chelsea and their many globalist friends.

A night at the White House was payback for particularly large donors and operators like current New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. By the end of Bill’s second term — after the scandals of Travelgate, Whitewater, Vince Foster and Monica Lewinsky, Hillary’s sneaky spouse capped his time in office with a last-minute pardon of fugitive financier Marc Rich and a host of any number of other shady associates.

Bill and Hillary then proceeded to load up on precious historical heirlooms, and got the heck out of dodge, plotting a return after Hillary served enough time as a term-and-a-half Democratic Senator of New York. Although Bill’s political star still shone brightly, his reputational fire wasn’t enough to set the national house alight for Hillary in 2008 — in part due to a one-term Senator from Illinois — Barrack ‘Barry’ Hussein Obama-Soetoro — stepping out of the shadows and putting a damper on the couple’s plans.

After some tense back-and-forth, Hillary negotiated herself a consolation prize — a role as Secretary of State — while Bill’s speeches and the couple’s pay-for-play/bet-your-Foggy-Bottom-dollar deals continued to rake in more cash than ever for the two shameless grifters from Little Rock.

Whether it was allowing the U.S. to transfer 20 percent of its uranium to Russia even after they knew officials in that country were as corrupt as the day is long or giving Hillary’s brother a gold mine in Haiti after a massive earthquake killed 230,000 people there in 2010, the Clintons went where the money was. They used their weight and influence to the max, suspiciously supporting actors such as hedge-fund whiz-kid Jeffrey Epstein and supermarket mogul Ron Burkle be damned.

Between the time the Clintons left the White House and 2017, they were able to make themselves $240 million richer, becoming the wealthiest former First Couple ever to not retire after their White House reign. In fact, by Hillary’s score, they were just getting started taking in the big bucks when she announced her plans to run for president again in 2016.

This time they would really pull out all the stops, using their heavyweight draw with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to put the fix in for progressive archrival Bernie Sanders and arrange it so even establishment Republicans like the Bush family endorsed Hillary. With GOP opponent Donald Trump, Hillary thought she had an easy victory in the bag as late as Election Day as the mainstream media said her chances of winning Washington’s biggest prize topped 95 percent.

There was hardly a billionaire, corporate CEO, Hollywood film mogul or sycophant movie star that had anyone else’s name on their lips, and Clinton’s war chest and Suge Knight-inspired wardrobe covered for the fact that her audiences at campaign rallies were largely purchased and that her hidden health worries were beginning to shine brighter than one of Rihanna’s fabled Top-40 diamonds.

Too much money was riding on Hillary to let little matters like an ongoing FBI investigation and continuing harassment accusations against Bill dog the ‘Wonder Woman of Wellesley.’ Never mind that her popularity rating was miles below Bubba Bill’s in 1991.

The one-time First Couple had since accumulated enough baggage to sink the Titanic, but they were convinced if they just threw enough watery brown earth at their former donor Donald Trump, the White House would be theirs for a nearly unprecedented third term (and surely — they hoped — a fourth). But hubristic arrogance and paid-for poll results are not the same as electoral votes. It all went out the window in the span of a few short, sickening news briefs at New York’s Jacob K. Javits Center in the wee hours of November 9.

From that day, a nauseating new reality started to come into focus — a bleak tableau where all the noble humanitarian ambitions proclaimed on the Clinton Foundation website and the pages in Bill and Hillary’s respective Rolodexes began to freefall in value as fast as a stock on Black Tuesday in 1929.

No longer could Bill leverage off Hillary’s imagined future political career to obtain free rides with underage harlots on globalist billionaires’ private jets. No longer could Hillary count on Bill’s charming Southern drawl and ways of wooing wicked wealth builders even as he indulged in private side deals and sexual shenanigans with the Kathleen Willeys and Juanita Broaddricks of the world.

In short, the mutual possibility of each partner to “use the illusion” the other offered the political public had elapsed like a cheap short option from one of the Wall Street banks they owed favors (and probably money) to. Their last, best hope could only be an annulment of the election which buried them — thus, they quickly proceeded to join forces with jilted Jill Stein of the Green Party to fund ill-fated recount efforts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — all places where they’d assumed that past history would roll out the red carpet for them in a likeliest-of-all-possible-futures in Washington, D.C.

But alas, this hoped-for fate wasn’t to be, and the only recounting that had an effect on either Clinton’s misplaced mindset was when media outlet after outlet replayed the damning Election Night results ad nauseam.

While it’s true that Trump might have been (and still might be) vulnerable to impeachment, it’s bitter fruit for the pair that had aspired to dine off rare White House china they hadn’t been able to purloin in 2001. With cries of “Russian collusion!” and “Unfit for office!” the couple hallucinated that this was all just a bad dream the country would awake from and install Hillary as “Madame President,” but regrettably, even too-hurried headlines on the cover of Newsweek don’t necessarily make things so.

Thus, unless their mysteriously dissimilar-looking “daughter” suddenly takes popular flight, the Clintons have nothing to offer their misbegotten political patrons. There are no favors to trade, no legislation to be crafted, no trade agreements to be touted; there are no power plays that come with a pot of gold at the end of an adopted rainbow coalition.

Whispers in Washington are that without an office to operate from — Oval or otherwise — the Clintons are all washed up and ready to be someone’s else’s dinner — perhaps the media’s. Tall tales of “What [funny thing] Happened” on the way to the electoral forum are no substitute for delivering on backroom promises, and it’s looking like the marriage between Clinton aide Huma Abedin and debauched deviant Anthony Weiner may portend a destiny that even Bill and Hillary can’t escape — if the Department of Justice doesn’t get them first.

Me Here....I don't ever see them divorcing.  You see, there is a legal tradition of a court not being able to force one spouse to testify against the other.  If they were to divorce, they would no longer enjoy this protection.

I am sure that a great many lawyers would love to put each under oath to testify as to what all the other knew and when.  I am sure that this would sink both of them for life.  This would produce a gold mine of uncovering where all the bodies are buried. 

So I would call this a fake news dream.

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Comment by Chalice on November 7, 2017 at 7:46am

They have too much on each other to get divorced.   I agree with you.


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