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DNC Vice Chair Calls for REPEAL of 2nd Amendment

Louisiana State Senator Karen Carter Peterson (Dem- New Orleans) made headlines this week when she tweeted: “Repeal the Second Amendment”
So why did a State Senator’s tweet become viral? Because she is also national Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee and heads up efforts to promote “civic engagement and voter participation” for the DNC.
Republican Louisiana Congressman Ralph Abraham was quick to criticize Peterson for her statement. In a series of social media responses Abraham said: “I was shocked to see such a radical idea of stripping away Second Amendment rights coming from the chairman of the state Democratic Party … When somebody suggests we eliminate a Constitutional right I stand up and take notice.”
“I think it’s a reflection of the overall philosophy of the Democrats and that it could be the first salvo on a planned attack on other Constitutional Rights.”
Stephen Handwerk, Louisiana Democratic Party Executive Director USA Today that his state party is “a strong supporter of the Second Amendment that protects Americans rights to bear arms.” When he was asked if he stood by Petersons’ call for repealing the Second Amendment he replied, “Of course not.
High-ranking members of the Louisiana Democratic Party immediately distanced themselves from Peterson but like Louisiana Democratic Governor Edwards most Democratic legislators in the state are moderate to conservative, especially when it comes to the right to guns in the Sportsman Paradise.
In spite of the leftist mantra – “We’re not out to take your guns “the truth is that Peterson is only the latest in a long line of progressives who have suggested that repealing the Second Amendment is their true goal for America.
The latest school shooting on February 14th in Parkland, FL has brought with it the understandable flood of youth and sympathetic adults who rage that something must be done. Unfortunately, the majority of their self-appointed spokespeople have wrongfully targeted the NRA and the Second Amendment as the reason for the deaths of their friends and family members.
David Hogg, a student at Marjory Stoneman High School, for example, has said on several news shows that the Second Amendment is responsible for making the U.S. “the world leader of mass shootings”.
But most gun-control advocates take the same tact as abortion rights advocates have for the last 40 plus years. Deny extreme measures until the atmosphere is right in Washington to get exactly what they denied wanting.
Many gun-control advocates claim they support the Second Amendment. As Russell Berman of the Atlantic said, “It’s a required preamble of sorts, a way of telling gun owners, I come in peace.”
Representative Robin Kelly, a Chicago-area Democrat of Illinois has led the charge in gun-control efforts for the Congressional Progressive Caucus. He unashamedly admits:
“I always start off and say, ‘I’m not against guns,’ so people don’t just turn you off immediately. I just feel like if you’re trying to make your point, people won’t even hear you if they think you’re against guns or you’re against the Second Amendment.”
For the time being, Karen Carter Peterson also met serious resistance from both conservative Republicans and Democrats on social media. For now, the National Democratic Party isn’t admitting they would be happy if the Second Amendment was repealed, despite what many in their party are saying publicly.
If the progressive left ever manages to unseat the aging old guard of the party and win control of the House or Senate, all bets are off though.
Igor Volsky, a deputy director at the liberal Center for American Progress said, “Our call here is to move toward a country where guns are scarce, where we have fewer guns, and where they’re dramatically harder to get,”
Like other gun-control advocates, Volsky keeps repeating that his organization has no desire to take on the Second Amendment itself—at least not yet.
“That’s a conversation the movement is going to have and the country is going to have,” admits Volsky.
The main reason there hasn’t been a serious movement to change the Second Amendment is the challenge amending the Constitution presents. There hasn’t been an amendment to make it through what is required – a two-thirds majority vote in the House and Senate and ratification by three-quarters of the 50 state – since the 27th amendment was ratified in 1992.
Peterson is vocal about her desire to see the Second Amendment repealed. Just remember that when less transparent progressives say they don’t want to take something away for you, what they really want is for you to give it away willingly.

Me Here.....Every once in a while, Democrats slip up and tell the truth.  They DO want to disarm us.  But of course the Democrats will be heavily guarded by people WITH guns if this was to be ever passed.

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