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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

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 Sounds like MARYland, this guy should be here to help out........spread the word, may wake some up... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
... State Rep. Mike Bost .............. ‘Let My People Go!’:
Illinois State Rep. Goes Absolutely Ballistic During Screaming Speech Over Pension Vote This might be the craziest political speech you’ve seen. This is Illinois State Rep. Mike Bost absolutely losing it during a floor speech yesterday. And while he does go ballistic — throwing papers, screaming, and flailing his arms — he does have a good reason: earlier in the day a committee voted on a pension reform bill that then put it up for a vote for the entire House; but Bost was furious since the hundred-plus-page bill wouldn’t be properly vetted. “Total power in one person’s hands – not the American way!” Bost began. “These damn bills that come out here all the damn time, come out here at the last second!” Bost added as he threw papers. “I’ve got to figure out how to vote for my people!” “You should be ashamed of yourselves! I’m sick of it!” he went on. “Every year! We give power to one person! It was not made that way in the Constitution! He was around when it was written! Now we give him – we’ve passed rules that stop each one of us! Enough! I feel like somebody trying to be released from Egypt! Let my
people go!” ...................... Scroll
Representative Rants: Read the Bill
FINALLY, Illinois State Representative Mike Bost has finally had enough of politics
as usual in the State of Illinois and wants to know why they don't READ T...

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