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It is exciting to support patriots heart here at eRockets, I appreciate the work that is being done here.  As a small businessman I have great hopes that the United States can support small businesses better so we can grow our economy and support our families.  

For us here at eRockets we are always under the world wide pressures of competition.  Sure we serve a lot of Americans, but up to 15% of our business is international.  It is very difficult to compete in this large market due to shipping cost and restrictions around the world.

We sell hobby kits that are all flyable.  These kits are basically Balsa Wood, Paper Tubes, and Plastic.  Unfortunately, we find ourselves at a great disadvantage because of our own government.  Customs is slow, inefficient, and very expensive for retailers like myself to ship across boarders.

Light weight parcels can quickly move around the country at about $3.50.  But if I want to ship something a few hundred miles to Canada it cost a minimum of $8.50.  What ever happened to the North American Free Trade Agreement?  Well, let me explain, Customs.  We need to find a way to eliminate this costly event for us small businesses.

The good old boy networks that many of the bigger company's work with get approval to move across the boarder quickly, usually within a day.  But us small business people it could be up to 30 days.  I do not understand why this is.

The other thing I find interesting is... an order from China to me in the US has minimal cost, and the shipment includes me signing a shipping confirmation that has to be returned to China.  And I can do that for a $2 cost.  It is no wonder that our postal system loses so much money.  Our postal cost to support the China imports is outrageous.  It has to cost the postal service more than the $2 in shipping I paid just to return the paper shipping confirmation.  Who made this deal with the Chinese?  By the way, it cost me over $20 to make the same transaction back to China.

It may seem like a petty amount of money for these things, but by the time you multiply these events it turns out to be a big competitive disadvantage for the little guy.

Thanks for listening to my rants....

Randy Boadway, eRockets

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