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Ex-cop: Arrest Target managers in transgender fight

'Where is America's legal community on this insanity?'

Carl Gallups, a former Florida law-enforcement officer who holds a special deputy status within the Maricopa County, Arizona, sheriff’s department, as bestowed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and who now serves as a pastor at Hickory Hammock Baptist Church in Milton, has an idea to take on what he calls the transgender “insanity” sweeping the nation that doesn’t so much involve politics – but rather police.

“Where is America’s legal community on this insanity and criminal behavior? Have they simply ‘caved’ and ‘checked out’? If so, we are now officially a nation of ‘lawlessness,'” he wrote, in an email to WND.

His logic, in context of discussing the corporate policy switch at Target to open all bathroom doors to both sexes, depending on their gender selections for the day, was blunt: In a nation run by laws, such choice would actually be regarded

as criminal.

“It is still a crime for a man to purposely go into a women’s bathroom around women, teens and little girls and use those facilities,” Gallups said. “It is still a criminal offense for a boy or man to go into a girl’s shower or locker room and to expose himself in front of them. People are in jail or prison for such criminal acts.”

So, he asked, why aren’t members of the police community advising Target managers “we will arrest you for aiding and abetting in a felony”?

Gallups went on, in his email: “As a matter of fact, they should be telling [all] public school officials within their jurisdictions the same thing.”

He then referred to President Obama’s directive to the U.S. Department of Education to issue guidance to public schools around the nation that, in effect, demanded open bathrooms and changing facilities for both sexes to use else face loss of federal funding, and called such policy unlawful.

“Obama’s ‘policy’ or ‘directive’ cannot and does not ‘trump’ each state’s criminal laws,” Gallups

said. “Obama cannot legally order the nation’s school systems to break the law. And don’t forget: Obama’s daughters are in private school, safe and sound, and out of the way of his criminal order. Can you imagine the outrage, the criminal actions and the civil actions against me if I, as a pastor, were to walk into our church’s girl’s shower and bathroom area and strip down and shower with the little girls, or teenage girls? All I would have to do is say, ‘I feel like a girl today,’ under the current [politically correct] environment.”

Gallups said “nothing good” will come of these White House-pressed directives, and appealed to politicians to get off the sidelines and take a firm stand – as well as the rest of America.

“Where is Congress? … Where are all 50 states and their governors on this? Where are the federal courts and law enforcement authorities? Where are the sheriffs and chiefs of police? Where are the tens of thousands of America’s pastors? Where are the millions of moms and dads marching in the streets? Why is everyone so afraid to do the right thing, the lawful thing and the biblical thing? … Why is [this] wrong for me, but OK for Target or our school system?” Gallups wrote. “The answer is that it is not OK. And most of the rest of the nation knows it. Do our sheriffs and courts?”

Me Here.....This insanity from the Usurper is backfiring slowly but surely.  Already perverts are following the Usurper's advice straight in ladies bathrooms, causing trouble, and getting arrested.  The only question now is will they be tried and convicted or just set free?

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