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Extortion 17 Parents Still Getting the Word Out About the Scandal that’s Bigger than Benghazi

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Many of you are familiar with Billy and Karen Vaughn, parents of fallen Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn who died on board Extortion 17 in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011. Well, as a result of the tragedy they faced in their lives, God has given them a platform to speak out on the corruption of this current administration across the nation. And they are still doing it!

I had the pleasure of catching up with Billy Vaughn this week and speaking to him about what they are continuing to do.

Aside from producing articles on their website, which are also hosted on our site, the Vaughns also host a summer camp called Operation 300, which reaches out to children who have lost their military parents. They have also been covering areas of the country and informing people about what took place with Extortion 17.

Vaughn recently met Kid Rock and said that he was “very polite and cordial and friendly.” He took the time to tell Kid Rock about Operation 300 and provide him with a copy of his book on Extortion 17. The rocker seemed genuinely interested in what the Vaughns were doing.

Of course, the Vaughns have met a lot of people in the American culture they never thought they would meet and have the opportunity to share their message with.

In addition to the publication of Vaughn’s book Betrayed: The Shocking True Story of Extortion 17 as told by a Navy SEAL’s Father, he told me that a new book has been published by Don Brown titled Call Sign Extortion 17: The Shoot-Down of SEAL Team Six.

I’ll be interviewing Don this weekend about the book, which utilizes all the documents and information that the families of the SEALs who were killed aboard Extortion 17 were given. According to an earlier report, that information was not supposed to be given to the families, but rather than draw more attention to the matter, the federal government did not take the information back.

“The biggest thing going on right now is Don Brown’s book,” Vaughn told me. “Don’s a Navy JAG, a believer and has become a real good friend of ours… He’s used all the information from the disk I had and has done a lot of investigation… and knows how to put this stuff together and he’s done so in his book.”

The Vaughns have been speaking to Tea Parties all across the country and they are looking to get into churches to speak to them as well. They have warned that the greatest threat to America resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Billy has pointed out the demoralization of the Special Forces under Barack Obama, as well as taken former Defense Secretary Robert Gates to task for his silence during his time in office, but cashing in when it came to a book he published.

Though the Vaughns and the other families of those lost on Extortion 17 eventually got a congressional hearing, it ended up being long on patronizing and short on answers.

Mrs. Vaughn has also teamed up with the Concerned Veterans for America and is touring with others like Col. Allen West, Madison Rising, Ayla Brown, Katie Pavlich, S.E. Cupp, Buck Sexton and many more.

The Vaughns are unashamed Christians and it shows when they speak. It’s good to see that those affected the most by tragedy don’t just drowned in their own sorrows, but rather trade their ashes for glory and advance the message of freedom, both in the natural and the spiritual.

Me Here.....I have had the honor of meeting Vaughn's parents at a TEA Party meeting.  I have read their book.  I am so glad I didn't have the "Rules of Engagement" that existed for their son.  I am afraid that the same rule or worse is in effect now.  Talk about being forced fight with both hands tied behind your back.  The simplest way I can explain it is this.  If the police had the same restrictions, a bank robber if caught in the bank could kill all in the bank, leave the money, the robber could go free.  That is insane.  Yet, as the rules are explained, that is about the way it is. 

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Comment by Chalice on June 22, 2015 at 6:45pm

I agree, it really is terrible how Obama has tied the military's hands. Unforgivable really. Who can call him a Commander-in-Chief?

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