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Facebook Event Calls For Execution of Operation American Spring Organizer (May 16, 2014)

Facebook Event Calls For Execution of Operation American Spring Organizer (May 16, 2014)

If you want to protest in support of bashing in a fetus skull and sucking it out with vacuum, liberals would be all about the First Amendment, but disagree with them, and they want you murdered.

What was it I said two days ago? Socialism: Such a good idea it needs the barrel of a gun to enforce! Does ANYONE remember if Steve Jobs needed guns to sell his ideas to people? Yeah, didn’t think so. You know why he didn’t? Because good ideas sell themselves.

My very next post after that comment was: NATIONAL GUARD TRAINS TO FIGHT ‘EXTREME RIGHT WING TERRORISTS!’ (That’s us folks!) I also posted about Venezuela the other day and I said:

NOWHERE has Socialism, Communism, Progressivism, or “Spreading the Wealth”not ended in bankruptcy and DEATHS of MILLIONS, yet our liberal elite are convinced, “This time it will be different.” How different is it if Obama just ordered ONE BILLION DOLLARS OF COFFINS 2 weeks ago? You know what Socialism, Communism, or Progressivism REALLY are?

They are not legitimate forms of government! They are vehicles for Liberal politicians to dupe the masses of idiots they preside over. They promise you other people’s things in exchange for votes and people are dumb enough to believe it. In the United States, people are MUCH more concerned with who is singing on American Idol this week, than the number of military vehicles moved into their town’s backyard last night. 

It’s pathetic. This is the same group that wants your gun rights taken away. This is the same group that somehow cannot see the parallel’s between Hitler and Obama. It requires a WILLFULLY ignorant IMBECILE not to see it, when all things are taken into account that Obama has or is trying to do…


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