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FBI-investigate Bill Ayers for sedition

Hi, all. :-) Whether or not you signed this petition, please send this around to your family and friends, post it on all the websites you frequent and tell everyone you encounter about this outrage. Please sign the petition once, and encourage others to do the same. Thanks. Tc/Gbu. S.

--- On Wed, 11/25/09, Mark Thompson wrote:

From: Mark Thompson
Subject: FBI-investigate Bill Ayers for sedition
Date: Wednesday, November 25, 2009, 2:16 PM

Keeping you posted. I just sent this to the FBI, local media and the U of I. Keeping the pressure on them to do something. Notice the outright lie I received from the U of I, the reason I asked many of you to forward me your email. The total number was cut in half. The online petition is now at 353. Remember I am not accident prone or suicidal, you heard it here, Mark.

Feel free to pass this on and ask people, everyone in your family as well, to sign the petition to investigate Bill Ayers for academic misconduct and sedition. At this point it is stagnating, we need to get it going, HELP.......spread the word.


Subject: FBI-investigate Bill Ayers for sedition
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 2009 10:55:39 -0600


As you may know I have been working fervently to have Bill Ayers investigated for academic misconduct and sedition. My plan of action began by addressing President White of the University of Illinois early this year, he dismissed me in the name of free speech. But, I persisted and he reluctantly suggested I take it to the board of trustees. They ignored me entirely. At this point they have not had any type of official response except to run from me. Yesterday I emailed Brenda Russell, the "Resident Integrity Officer at UIUC" to instigate an investigation for academic misconduct. We will see if she stonewalls me as well.

You will find the justification for an investigation attached to this email. The bounds of free speech have been breached by leaps and bounds.

This video of my speech to the board of trustees and the Governor lays out the seriousness of the allegations, yet they do nothing!

I decided to organize an email petition to the board, urging the same investigations. Attached you will find the response from the university that they received twenty five emails since March. This is an outright lie. I have approximately fifty confirmed emails since late July. You see, back in July I asked how many others emailed and the secretary said "zero". I then decided to track them by having people forward me their emails, for confirmation (The actual numbers are inconsequential, the lie is a tremendous breach in trust. Hundreds more can be found on an online petition I recently started).

This is an outright cover up. The university is protecting BIll Ayers. A man guilty of sedition, the mentor to Obama, the man and the movement who have infiltrated our government and are in the process of destroying America's sovereignty. This is a case for the FBI. The evidence is overwhelming in that Bill Ayers has used his highly influential position to undermine government through education. The very definition of sedition. Just as Obama's actions are the very definition of treason as he is out to destroy America and usher in a new one world government. This is not politics as usual! The Chicago Machine put Ayers into his job and Obama into his position, which brought his socialist cohorts from Chicago into power. This line of reasoning is backed up by the facts....Chicago is the hotbed of radical Socialist thought and action. Both in politics and in education, two of the main players in this coup. Need I remind you that Socialism is the antithesis to Capitalism, our foundation. In other words, "our enemy".

The recent climate change hacker brought to light (confirmed what many know) that those in academia are of this same Socialist mind set, working towards a one world government. That is the goal of climate cap and trade. The coming Copenhagen meeting is convening to establish a ruling body (world government) for the world Socialist government to enforce wide sweeping rules and regulations guaranteed to destroy the Republic of America's financial base and freedoms. The very goal that Bill Ayers has been working since he quit bombing federal buildings and killing police officers. All this is common knowledge yet no one is investigating the obvious, how come?

At this point I would like a meeting with someone in the FBI (call first, don't show up at my door). I have been sending these emails for many, many months and have no idea if anyone is paying a bit of attention, or suppressing them. The Republic of America is falling before our very eyes, attacked from within. Ayers is the avenue to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Obama's intent is the same. Is it not the job of the FBI to investigate sedition, or is this government entity corrupted as well? How far is the reach of the Chicago Machine, a major player in this Socialist coup? Governor Quinn has ignored this call for an investigation of sedition, expected given his roots. The Governor also appoints those on the board of trustees, who at this point are guilty of a cover up.

As a citizen of this state I expect an official response from the FBI in a timely manner. If you are not aware of who I am perhaps you can check your "right wing extremist list", look under "Dewey Man". This and more would be funny if it were not true, right? Are there any true red white and blue Americans in the FBI today, call me and arrange a meeting, don't come a knocking. It is hard to tell who is to be trusted, given the recent suicides of Chris Kelly and Michael Scott. For the record, I am not accident prone nor suicidal, but as serious as a heart attack. I want a prompt response from someone in authority, justified given the grave nature of my concerns and facts that back them up.

Bill Ayers is guilty of academic misconduct and sedition.

The University of Illinois board of trustees is involved in a cover up to protect Bill Ayers and this Socialist movement that is presently dismantling America.

Mark Thompson
Dewey, Illinois


Subject: response to your request
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2009 18:22:00 -0600

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I write to respond to your request for information as stated in your message of November 13, 2009 (attached).

In addition to yours, a total of 25 email messages regarding an investigation of Professor William Ayres have been received by the Board of Trustees’ office since March 2009.

Michele Thompson

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