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FLASHBACK: Computer Programmer Testifies that He Rigged Voting Machines

In a blast from the past that people need to be aware of in this voting season, Clinton Eugene “Clint” Curtis is an American attorney, computer programmer and ex-employee of NASA and ExxonMobil, told the world in open testimony that voting machines are not only hackable to determine an election, but that he designed the program to do it in 2000.

Curtis’ testimony came in 2006 before the US House Judiciary Members in Ohio. In 100, Curtis was hired by Tom Feeney to build software that would rig an election using electronic voter machines. According to Curtis, he could rig the machines in such a way to determine a 51/49 split in favor of the person that was wanted to win.

Now, tell me your vote counts people!

Already, in this primary cycle there have been accusations of voting machines changing the vote, as well as voter fraud. So, why do we continue to let this crime take place? I think it’s because most Americans either expect it as part of the process or are just fine with it as long as their political idol wins.

Take for instance the recent Democrat primary in which Hillary Clinton was declared the winner, but that’s not what this video shows.

In a quote attributed to Joseph Stalin, he allegedly said,

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