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By Jack  Cashill     

"Yes,  the Rizzo-Royster race turned on vote fraud," admitted the Kansas City  Star's Barbara Shelly in a crow-eating column nearly three years after it would do any good. For years the Star has  routinely mocked anyone who dared suggest vote fraud was a problem. 


Among  those mocked was Will Royster, a retired Navy fighter pilot who seemingly lost  in a northeast Kansas City Democratic primary for state representative in 2010  by the final count of one single vote. The seeming victor, endorsed by the  Star, was neophyte J.J. Rizzo, the son of Democratic machine honcho,  Henry Rizzo.


What  follows is a letter from a young Democrat Nick Moreno who observed the process  up close named. The letter details the various tools Democrats use to steal  elections and kill would-be Democratic reformers in the womb. It is edited only  for length and clarity.


Before  I start I want to give my Democrat credentials per se because others  who have defended Royster have had theirs in  question. 


I  am a proud Democrat and Latino with a wonderful wife and dog. I was raised in a  religious, blue-collar, Midwestern Democratic union home. My dad UAW, my  mom CWA.


In  2008, I worked for President Obama and the DNC in 2008 as 1 of 10 of  their DNC-AAO International Regional Field Directors/Consultants. My  area was Latin America & Mexico. I was also President of Democrats Abroad  Mexico City & Executive Board Member of Democrats Abroad Mexico &  Democrats Abroad Latin America.


I  moved back to the United States during the 2010 primary. My brother Chris Moreno  was Royster's Campaign Director & Consultant. I wanted to be part of a  campaign so after meeting Will and hearing his message, his resume and his  character/values, and having a chat with his awesome mother, I gladly  volunteered for him.


I  have never been so proud of a campaign candidate in Mr. Royster, a  director/consultant in Chris Moreno, and an aide in Adam  Schieber. While life experiences have made me much more liberal than  both my brother, my family, Mr. Royster and Mr. Schieber, it was clear  after meeting Will and seeing their passion for that district in action, he was  the right guy at the right time for Northeast; and it was clear everyone knew  it.


That  said, the campaign changed my outlook on a lot of things politically. It was the most disgusting display of politics and leadership on the part  of Democrats & elected officials I have ever seen in any country. In 2010,  The Missouri & Jackson County Democratic Party elected &  leadership (not the voters) shamed the national party and  continue to do so up to this very day.


I  was 1 of 2 of Will's witnesses at the Kansas City Election Board the night  the Royster Rizzo results came in. As you may be aware, election results are  made available to the witnesses in the room about 5-10 minutes before made  available to the public via internet using a computer in the witness room so the  witnesses can see it published.


Before  the witnesses in the room even had a chance to see the results, Henry Rizzo sent  a text to J.J. Rizzo's representative, which he read out loud to the lady he was  with, stating "Johnny Joe wins by 10. JJ is in."


I  couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was even more struck when the results  were given to the witnesses and the first reading of results had John Rizzo  victorious by 10 votes over Will Royster.


I  was in the room during many of the Sunshine Requests made by my brother and Mr.  Schieber as well as Mr. Royster, including when they requested the list of  voters, which by law is supposed to be released but was deliberately held until  the evidence deadline for the appeals trial passed.


The  way those guys were treated was unbelievable. In many instances Kansas City  Election Board (KCEB) workers leaked to the Rizzo campaign that they were at the  office and [a friendly] blog had posts up attacking Royster, Schieber and my  brother Chris Moreno before we even left the building. Important to note the  KCEB Chair at that time, Shelley McThomas, is ex-wife of Mark Bryant, former  Freedom Inc. head who is very close to Henry Rizzo & Rev.  Tindall.


More  importantly, I was in the room during the recount. I found the  first unsigned ballots. Adam found more as did 2 of Will's  lawyers. When you find errors in the ballots the count is supposed to stop.  The KCEB refused to stop the counting definitely allowing more illegal ballots  to be counted or passed through without detection.


This  was important because we already knew that at a couple of precincts (the same  where the group voting and electioneering was reported) there were stacks of  unsigned ballots left at the end of the table for Rizzo voters to grab and stuff  into ballot box. So I immediately yelled, "Stop. Found some of the unsigned  ballots." By procedure, they are supposed to stop the count. They did not. They  refused to. In fact they instructed employees to keep counting and  reminded them that they are behind time.


When  I questioned the ballots, panic set in at the KCEB. The KCEB lawyer began  to make really unprofessional comments questioning my education level.  Mr.  Rizzo's lawyer began to do the same. At one point his lawyer began to call me  names and called me out to the parking lot to fight. I  couldn't believe it.  


I  should also note that the recount was literally given in a moment's notice.  After delaying and delaying and refusing the KCEB eventually called Will and  gave him literally a window of minutes to have his witnesses there for the  recount.


I  was in the room when multiple judges called the Royster house and  asked to speak with Mr. Royster and told him about the voter fraud they had  seen. Multiple judges on both parties were really upset, in some cases crying. I  was in the room when another came to the house to tell her story and how she was  treated by the KCEB and her precinct supervisor. She was crying in anger and  sadness. It was very real.


I  was in the room when one individual showed Royster a video and pictures they  took of team voting by Somali voters at one of the precincts. That person  refused to hand over the video and photos in fear of attacks and losing her job  but the video and photos were very real.


I  was there when a group of young brave Somali college students created Somalis  for Royster and called Royster when their parents, especially women, were  threatened by [their leader].


I  was there when [one influential witness] told my brother and Will that a guy was  allowed to be inside the Museum precinct location holding up a Rizzo sign, again  very illegal.


I  was in the room when my brother received threatening phone calls from Mike  Talboy, then [Missouri House] Minority Leader, as well as a number of other  people. I was in the room when some of my brother's consulting clients called my  brother and told him that they were threatened by Talboy & Rizzo and  told to drop my brother's services or lose their Missouri House Democratic  Campaign Committee funding, clear quid pro quo.


What  makes all of it so interesting is that Mike Talboy asked my brother to consult  with Will Royster as Will and Carol helped in a big way hold  fundraisers for [Democratic] Governor Jay Nixon. And on the flip of a dime,  with a little pressure from Henry Rizzo, Taxpayers United and IBEW Local 42's  leadership in Kansas City, Talboy flipped and did what he does best, throw  people under the bus.


I  was in the room when Barb Shelly from the Kansas City Star was on the phone and  refused to hear Will Royster's story or support Will Royster. If memory serves  me right. they didn't even interview him for their  endorsement. 


I  was the person who found that one precinct has Henry and John Rizzo receiving a  substantially more amount of votes (even though halfway down the ballot) than  every other candidate on the ballot, a clear lead to ballot  stuffing.


I  was there when a major media outlet did a report of votes being cast from  abandoned building and outside the district, but then the report was taken off  of the website and not available to the Royster campaign.


Bottom  line: Royster was screwed. I saw it with my own eyes. You don't get bluer than  me. And I have no problem saying that it is such a shame that the "leaders" of  Missouri Democratic Party and Jackson County Democratic Party don't have enough  valor to stand up to clear election fraud. Not just voter fraud...election  fraud.


Will  Royster was the right person for that district and the voters spoke. And I can  say that with my own eyes I saw the KCEB, John Joseph Rizzo's campaign  and Jackson County via Judge Stephen Nixon take that voice away from  them.


They  could've had a veteran and neighborhood activist who has experience in economic  development and negotiations and who could reach across the aisle for the  betterment of the neighborhood. Now they are stuck with a corrupt Payday Loan  lobbyist, who just used the people of Northeast as a springboard and hasn't even  attended more than a couple of community meetings since being  elected.


Sincere  Regards,


Nicholas  S. Moreno

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Me Here..............Chalice, I thought you would enjoy this story.  Voting fraud by the Democrats isn't just used against "us", they use it against anyone that is not from the extreme left of the party.


I guess with the Democrats it is now screw the people, we will cheat to win at any cost! 

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