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Founding Fathers Cry Radio Show. April 9, 2009


Founding Fathers’ Cry is reaching into the blog talk radio sphere to raise awareness on ways to bring our Country back to prosperity. Our goal is to help inform our listeners and fellow patriots so they will be armed with one of the most powerful tools… knowledge. The next show is Thursday, April the 2nd from 8pm to 10 pm CST on the Patriot's Heart Broadcasting Network. The website address is

Don will provide the evening’s monologue, announcements, and breaking news. During the show, he will be joined by Darla Dawald. Darla Dawald is the National Coordinator over at Resistnet, and will be joining our show to tell our audience about some exciting new things that are going on within the Resistnet movement. Darla may also be inviting some of her key state leaders to join us to inform our listeners on what there next steps are in trying to regain our country back and to restore the constitutional republic.

Founding Fathers Cry is a Government Watch Group. The board members are dedicated to researching and pooling information for public education. The website hosted,, includes lists of organizations, governments websites, and other watch groups for researching information, as well as discussion forums. Find and organize your local events on the forums. There are open and ongoing discussion on the each branch of the U.S. Government, the health of the U.S., state legislation, grass-roots activism and protest rallies, and much more.


9 pm EST
8 pm CST
7 pm MST
6 pm PST

Call in #: (347) 215-6929

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