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Get Out Of Our House!!! GOOOH Is Growing! Check 'em Out!

We now have enough members to fill an 80,000 seat stadium. Should the media ignore this picture? Take a look. It is powerful. You are not alone. Please pass it around.

ABC recently ran this well-done follow-up story on GOOOH. Get your friends to watch and then join us.

Despite what the media would lead you to believe, there is no tsunami of voter backlash about to wash the incumbents out. In fact, there is barely a ripple. In the House, with the primaries in half the states already completed, only ONE incumbent has lost; Mollohan, and he has been at the top of every most-corrupt-congressman-list for ten plus years. With the districts gerrymandered as they are (and without GOOOH), my prediction is no more than 8% of the seats in the House will turn over this year. Stupak made the headlines for resigning after his Health Care vote, but there are no more resignations this year than in years past. The Green Papers reports 20 Republicans and 17 Democrats are not running for the same office –half are running for something else. Since the last newsletter, there has been another affair with a staffer (Souder - Rep) and a candidate lying about credentials (Blumenthal – Dem), but what’s new? Both parties fail equally on ethics issues.In short, while the Republicans are likely to retake the House as usually happens in an off-year election, we are looking at the strong possibility that 90% or more of all incumbents will once again be re-elected. A ripple may be an overstatement.

In the Senate, there have been THREE changes so far, and all have had very special circumstances. Specter switched parties because he had lost the support of the Republicans in his district. Yet his district’s Democrats voted against him five times in the last 30 years. Why did he think they would now vote for him? He was betting on no competition. Rand Paul won with the nationwide support of those who support his father. Would he have won if his name was Rand Smith? Further, he did not even run against the incumbent, who retired. And Bennett was eliminated by a vote of delegates, not by the people of his state. Would they have voted out an incumbent? I like the results in all three races, but each has an asterisk.

Things will not change in the next couple of months. The system is rigged to deliver the results we are seeing. Incumbents win, and they win easily. The recipe for success is don’t get caught stealing, don’t get caught cheating, don't get caught lying, and don’t run against someone who is more famous than you. If we want things to improve, we must change the system.

We have several very important requests:

1) Invite 6-12 people to your home and host a mock selection session. Attendees will have a great time. They will join us if you will show them the process. The material is all on the Act tab (you must be logged in). If you want to get to 500,000 members, this is the single best thing you can do. Contact your state or district leader by clicking on the green map at, and then your state (and district where available) and you will find willing assistants.

2) Suggest that 60 Minutes do a story on GOOOH. Email them at or even better, send a short letter to 60 Minutes, Story Editor, 524 West 57st St, NY, NY 10019

3) Click here and then click on the number 3, to get Tim interviewed by The Judge.

4) Submit a letter to your newspaper editor about GOOOH. Copy and we’ll send a list of additional email addresses you can also submit to. Keep it short, 100 – 200 words. Suggest readers visit our site. These are having a tremendous impact.

5) Contact the talk radio stations in your locale, as well as the national hosts and suggest they contact for an interview.

6) Print a simple sheet like this one, or make your own, and place a copy on every desk, chair, and bulletin board you can.

7) Embed the new GOOOH Badge, on your Web site along with your link to GOOOH.

8) Many of you suggested that each member call Sean Hannity’s producer at 800-941-7326 between 3-6 EST and ask her to take a closer look at GOOOH before hanging up on someone, but that would probably not win us an invitation onto the show – not that anything would.

If you need to be reminded why we must act, take a look at the Debt Clock. We cannot continue spending at this rate. There will be consequences. Watch this two minute video! The politicians cannot control themselves. It is our duty to force change, and trying to do so by voting a few new people in will not work. We must do things differently.

Many are concerned we do not have time to make it this year, and while we may not, let’s work as diligently as we can until June 30th. If we fail to reach 500,000 members by that date, we’ll announce Plan B. Until then, our request is that you continue recruiting every person you know. We are seeing a great deal of interest from members who have seen their candidates lose in the primaries, once again defeated by the all-powerful incumbents.

We continue to grow at a remarkably steady pace through the efforts of patriots like Julian and Riquelme in SC, Mark in TX, Michelle in NY and Andy in TN. Chandar, Steve, and Laura are so committed they have made this their second job. Look at this picture that member Arnie had painted in the sky above Disneyland! The team in FL is doing a phenomenal job, as are leaders and members throughout VA, NC, GA, AZ, PA, OH, CA, ID, NY, LA, MS, AL, SC, TX, KY, MD, WI, SD, CO…. far more great people than I could ever list. 1 ½ million people have now been to our Web site!

I’d like each person reading this note to know you are making a difference. It might feel lonely at times, you may wonder if we’ll ever get there, but trust that we will. It is not a question of if, but when. Know that we have a massive stadium full of members working with you; we are simply spread out all across America. The tipping point is there, we just have to find it. Every effort you make to recruit new members will soon be rewarded. Our posterity will one day appreciate your effort. It is our duty to fix this mess – it has been created under the watch of our generation. The greatest nation the world has ever known is counting on you.

Tim C

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