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Glad Democrats Didn’t Back GOP Health Care Bill

I am so glad the Democrats were so stuck in Trump Derangement Syndrome that they missed a golden opportunity to stick the GOP with the failing Barry Death Care system.


Death Care is doing exactly what the Democrats intended all along, FAIL.  It is meant to totally destroy the private health care system that has led the world.  This destruction would enable the Democrat Party to cram a government run single payer system down our throats.  The Democrats would be celebrating.  We would slowly get sicker from it.


Within moments of Speaker Ryan pulling the bad GOP bill, there was Senator Sanders stating the solution was Single Payer.  Oops, spilled the beans!


The single payer systems in most countries are failing.  The quality of care is decreasing.  Those with serious conditions, if they can afford to, come here to get care quicker than they could at home. 


The goal of the Democrat single payer plan isn’t about improving our health care.  They could care less about us.  It is about power, power, and more power. 


It wouldn’t take long until they nationalized the entire system.  Then they would force the employees to become union members.  This would greatly increase union money for the Democrat campaign funds.  That is the goal.  It isn’t about us.  It is all about money and power.


As we have seen with the IRS and other government agencies, they would have no problem politicizing it.  If you weren’t in the Democrat favored group, your health care would get all fouled up. 


The Democrats would be all too happy to deny health care if you own guns.  We saw a form of this with the VA.  If a Veteran couldn’t handle their finances, the VA labeled the Veteran mentally incompetent and stole their weapons.


The Democrats would be all too happy to close any hospital that refuses to do abortions.


The Democrats would be all too happy to fire any doctor or nurse that would refuse to do an abortion.


Single payer is a great power grab for Democrats.  It is a prescription for us we people to get ever sicker.

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