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Guess What Bernie Sanders Delegates Are Planning for the DNC Convention?

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders turned Democrat to oppose Hillary Clinton in what appears to have been an attempt to move the Democratic Party further to the left for bigger government, “tax the rich,” “from each as he may give, to each as he may need,” utopian “cradle to grave,” “nanny state” socialism than it claims to be.

The Democrats really do not go very far into socialism as much as they are a sham for the concentration of power in corrupt hands, stealing the people blind operation.  Witness, Hillary getting $21 million from Wall Street companies for about 100 twenty-minute speeches undoubtedly promising them no interference, jail or more taxes. She has refused to release the content of the talks to her very wealthy backers, so we can only imagine what she said to people who do not give money away for nothing.  They own Hillary now.

Bernie lost, but in the process found many more sympathizers than anyone expected.  22% are so angry they are vowing to vote for Donald Trump!  Given that degree of anger should we be surprised that they are also vowing to do a “fart-in” at the Democrats National convention in Philadelphia!

Cheri Honkala, head of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign is organizing a ‘fart-in’ to be held on July 28 at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center during Hillary Clinton’s planned Democratic nomination acceptance speech.  If she pulls it off, it will be a first in the history of politics. We can only wonder if the Guinness Book of Records will set up a new category or if it will make Wikipedia.  It will be one thing television will not be able to “bring to your living room,” thank God.
 “We will be holding a massive bean supper for Bernie Sanders delegates on American Street in my Kensington neighborhood on the afternoon of July 28,” Honkala claims.

“We are setting up a “Clintonville” there, modeled on the Hoovervilles of the 1930s where the poor and unemployed built shanty towns. The Sanders delegates, their bellies full of beans, will be able to return to the Wells Fargo Center and respond to the rhetorical flatulence of Hillary Clinton with the real thing.”

The activists invited Bernie Sanders to join their bean supper, which Honkala has dubbed “Beans for Hillary,” but it is unknown whether or not Bernie will appear.  Perhaps they could hire Larry David of “Saturday Night Live” fame for a really big performance.

“Any remaining beans will be served to the homeless, although we will, of course, be urging Sanders delegates to eat as much as possible,” she says.  Leftist author Chris Hedges will offer a “non-denominational” prayer at the dinner, noting: “I am happy to bless a meal that will be put to such effective political use,” Hedges was quoted by “TruthDig.”

 The “fart-in” ironically has its roots with the activist movement leader the then Hillary Rodham worked for in the 1960s: Saul Alinsky promoted a “flatulent blitzkrieg” as a way to offend the elites of Rochester, New York, he explained in a 1972 interview piece for Playboy magazine saying:

 “Another idea I had that almost came to fruition was directed at the Rochester Philharmonic, which was the establishment’s — and Kodak’s — cultural jewel. I suggested we pick a night when the music would be relatively quiet and buy 100 seats.”

The 100 blacks scheduled to attend the concert would then be treated to a preshow banquet in the community consisting of nothing but huge portions of baked beans. Can you imagine the inevitable consequences within the symphony hall?”

The concert would be over before the first movement — a Freudian slip — and Rochester would be immortalized as the site of the world’s first fart-in.  When questioned about the level of maturity of such a stunt, Alinsky defended it, saying:

 “First of all, the fart-in would be completely outside the city fathers’ experience. Demonstrations, confrontations and picketings they’d learned to cope with, but never in their wildest dreams could they envision a flatulent blitzkrieg on their sacred symphony orchestra. It would throw them into complete disarray. “

Saul continued, “Second, the action would make a mockery of the law, because although you could be arrested for throwing a stink bomb, there’s no law on the books against natural bodily functions. Can you imagine a guy being tried in court on charges of first-degree farting? The cops would be paralyzed.”

He went on, “Third, when the news got around, everybody who heard it would break out laughing, and the Rochester Philharmonic and the establishment it represents would be rendered totally ridiculous.”

And continuing, “A fourth benefit of the tactic is that it is psychologically as well as physically satisfying to the participants. What oppressed person doesn’t want, literally or figuratively, to shit on his oppressors? Here was the closest chance they’d have.”

“Such tactics aren’t just cute; they can be useful in driving your opponent up the wall,” Alinsky said.” Very often the most ridiculous tactic can prove the most effective.”

Saul is better known for his book “Rules For Radicals,” which is known to be one of Barack Obama’s favorites.  Saul has an even closer tie to Hillary, as she worked for him and wrote her Baccalaureate thesis on Saul Alinsky’s ideas.  It is not known if she included his ideas on flatulence as a weapon for change, but she certainly will be aware of their power if Cheri Honkala is able to pull off the Bernie Sanders Fart In.

Me Here.......This is hilarious for so many reasons.  A fart contains methane gas.  That is a far more powerful green house gas than carbon dioxide.  So the Bernie supporters are going to maximizing what they are most against!  In the Air Force when someone farted, someone would yell, "Alarm Brown!"  This if it works will already stink up an already extremely stinky convention.

Speaking of green house gases, one has to wonder how jam packed the airports will be with private jets that are huge carbon dioxide producers! 

Do as we command and not as we do! 

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