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HAHA! Obama Gets SNUBBED by Illinois in Most Personal Way Possible and We LOVE It

Give me a second to catch my breath from laughing so much.

Obama’s home state just snubbed him in the most hilarious way possible. You’re going to love this!

Barack Obama’s home state of Illinois doesn’t think the former president’s birthday should be a state holiday.

The Illinois House was unable to muster the needed votes on Tuesday to designate Obama’s Aug. 4th birthday as a state holiday, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The House measure, sponsored by Chicago Democratic Rep. Sonya Harper, received 54 votes, six votes short of what was needed to move it to the Illinois State Senate, where Obama served from 1997 to 2004.

“President Barack Obama, he did great work for the state of Illinois and our country, and I believe we need to do our part in preserving that history,” Harper said.

Opponents to the proposal were fine with honoring the 44th president but not keen on the idea of closing schools and government facilities for the day.

Me Here.......Great News!  Even Illinois is starting to be sick of Barry!

Chalice, you will love it!

I hope as time goes on, I expect more and more will give Barry the thumbs down!

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