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Anarchist socialists are outing anarchist fascists who were among the brawlers in Charlottesville.

After the shameful hate-fest in Charlottesville last weekend, and the flood of hyperbolic Demo/Leftmedia rhetoric to advance their agenda, there is some collateral fallout that is too ironic to pass up.

According to that most erudite of salacious tabloids, Huffington Post, across the nation, anarchist socialists are outing anarchist fascists who were among the brawlers in Charlottesville, and the latter are getting fired from their jobs. Of course, there is no HuffPo mention of combatant antifa socialists being outed and fired. After all, to comport with the Demo/Leftmedia narrative, they are being portrayed as all-American “counter protesters” whose only agenda was to oppose fascism and racism.

Clearly, the clowns in the touring circus troupe of anarcho-socialists are just as anti-American as the clowns in the circus troupe of anarcho-fascists. But most of the socialists had the good sense to show up for the fight with their faces covered. The dim bulb fascists did not cover their faces, so…

Among the “outed” fascists is one miscreant from Chattanooga, Tennessee. According to local media reports, an employee of a burrito shop who describes herself as “both a communist and an anarchist” discovered that another employee was in Charlottesville, and she and her employer believe he was there in support of the fascists. So he was summarily fired.

Well, I would not want either of these people working for me, much less making my burritos, but the shop employer has yet to express concern about the worldview of the “communist anarchist.” However, the dustup between the two employees led the communist to quit her job. (Perhaps she was also offended by the profitability of the capitalist burrito enterprise.) She is now seeking handouts to support “her and her wife” until she (or the other she) finds another job!

The restaurant owner asserted, “We pride ourselves on diversity, inclusion, equality.” That seems accurate, given that she employed both a communist and fascist — except, of course, the fascists were also socialists. For the historically challenged, “NAZI” is the initialism for the “National Socialist German Workers’ Party.” Recall that in his 1927 ascent to power, Adolf Hitler proclaimed to his followers, “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system. … We are determined to destroy this system.” (Sounds like the occupy/antifa mission statement!)

Meanwhile, in a related story, other local socialists are coming out of the weeds (or is it weed?) to defend a Chattanooga man who was arrested in Charlottesville. His friends want to make sure “to let everyone know he was in Charlottesville as part of an antifa action. He is an anarchist. He was there to confront white supremacy and antifa’s practice is to use force if necessary in doing that. He is definitely a friend and ally.” Well, I feel much better now!

So, as long as the violence was in support of socialism and anarchy, that is acceptable! Wait, I thought the media already eviscerated Donald Trump for suggesting there was violence on both sides?

The next conflict between opponents and advocates of the Leftist “cultural revolution” to sanitize American history will take place in Lexington, Kentucky. Stay tuned for more of the same…

PS: Recall if you will the assertion of Barack Obama’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel: “You don’t ever want a good crisis to go to waste; it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” This morning, in my email inbox folder reserved for Leftist news and appeals, there is a fundraising email from Demo Party chairman Tom Perez, noting up top: “It’s not enough to reject hatred, Republicans must denounce Donald Trump for enabling white supremacists.”

We have got to keep repeating this until most Americans get it.  Fascism is extreme LEFT!  Look at the quote from Hitler above.   “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system. … We are determined to destroy this system.”  To call Fascist extreme left is to call Hitler himself a liar.  Plus it defies all known logic.

If Fascism was extreme right, there wouldn't have been not WWII in Europe.  Germany would have been even more neutral than Switzerland and Sweden.  Think about it.  

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