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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

Have you ever wondered why every attempt to restore the American republic has failed miserably? Could it be that attempting to change the minds of a population that has suffered four generations of cultural amnesia is doomed to fail, and worse, likely to incite violence against you?

But have you ever wondered how the bankers were able to replace de jure government around the world in 1933 without a hint of protest? How they stole our law and our money with little or no resistance? Clearly, their strategy of back room politics was brilliant, if sinister, allowing them to rewrite the rules without even token resistance. Well isn’t it time to apply the same principles to salvaging the Law from wickedness?

The Restore America Plan is a war college restoration strategy for regaining control quietly, efficiently and quickly without provoking controversy, ridicule, violence or civil war. In fact, the need for expediency eliminates any thought of making public proclamations. Restoration will occur behind the scenes in a manner designed to get results, not glory. We will NOT utter public statements which make us feel good but provoke ridicule and conflict. We will NOT attempt to re-educate an unconscious population that was raised on corporate slavery.

If you become a Guardian, you will be agreeing to avoid such public proclamations. You will be required to divest ego and desire in favor of committing yourself to a strategy of reconciliation that places the Guardians in charge of the institutions that were once the source of persecution. As you will see by the Warrants and Orders, the De jure Grand Juries will work behind the scenes, methodically dismantling the satanic institutions and rituals of 1933 and 1865.

For example, instead of marching grand juries patriot-style into local courtrooms to dismiss cases (and scare the locals to death), district judges who have been reabsorbed into the district court of the United States will issue a simple writ of mandamus terminating the local prosecution expediently. In this way, the events of 1933 will be reversed as they were instituted, by controlling the institutions of power behind the scenes. Wouldn’t you like to be in control for a change? Notwithstanding, the grand juries are not waiving such direct authority if it ever proves necessary.

And in the event the process should ever fall under public scrutiny,the unanimous Declaration was written to be a shining beacon of reason, history and forgiveness. It even looks like, sounds like, and cites the original Declaration of Independence as its authority so that condemnation of the Restoration is also condemnation of the original Revolution. The Restore America Plan is protected by the very Declaration of Independence upon which it was modeled.

The Restore America Plan is designed to turn back the clock and remove the corporate state from the lives of the sovereign People, while most of the population continues to go about their business unaware and unafraid. Please do not attempt to join our ranks if your intentions differ even slightly with this approach. If you seek glory or retribution, the Restore America Plan is not for you.


To preserve spiritual purity, the Restore America Plan features forgiveness. At its core, it is peaceful and non-violent. Having so ensured our dominion over all the earth, actors who repent their crimes against mankind will be forgiven. With forgiveness as our hallmark, we do not waive our legitimate and necessary right as lawful authority to arrest, try and sentence those incorrigibles who use de facto power to impair de jure authority, or otherwise attempt to hijack the lawful de jure office. And we will use the very public institutions that once prosecuted us to execute those orders as needed.


The Declaration is a mere one page, and has been written to stand alone among history’s milestones. It is followed by Warrants and Orders of the De jure Grand Juries, each meticulously planned to solve your problems and issues (travel, diplomatic status, foreclosure, taxes, unlawful prosecutions) through cooperation rather than resistance. We are mindful that initiating a financial crisis, violence, or banker’s retaliation could be fatal to the cause. So every step has been debated and crafted with outcome in mind.


Phase 2 is waiting in the wings. Shortly after the Declaration is presented, the De jure Grand Juries will re-absorb USDC, the Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court into their de facto counterparts, the

district court of the United States
circuit court of the United States
one supreme Court of the United States

In subsequent phases, we will also be:

- globally re-absorbing the corporate institutions into the de jure venue
- re-absorbing de facto policy enforcement officers into the People’s service, in particular the U.S. Marshals Service
- restoring the People’s wealth without triggering economic catastrophe.

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