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Dear Patriots:

When I was in the Air Force (1971-1984), I was a computer repairman.  Later I earned an Associate Degree in Computer Programming.  So I do know something about computers.

I am pretty sure most of you have heard about the "computer glitch" in Antrim County Michigan.  I call it a Federal Crime!  This switched 1,200 votes from President Trump to Biden.  

We are learning that this same software is in 40+ more counties AND in every battleground state.

If I was to write a program that would at a down ballot point insert code that after 400 ballots, the program would start another counter.  When this counter hits a number, say 5 for Trump votes, it would subtract a vote for Trump and add a vote for Biden.

The result is after 400 ballots, every 5th Trump vote would go to Biden.

From what I know so far, the test of the scanners here in Michigan is a number of a few hundred test ballots.  So the test would be fine every time.  The Clerk would think the scanner is accurate.  

Monday, I am going to talk with the Allegan County Clerk to learn if Allegan uses the same software and Antrim County.  Even if Allegan doesn't, testing still needs to be done to insure the count is accurate.

This can be done by taking one of the larger townships in Allegan County and doing a manual recount.  After the recount run the ballots through the scanner and compare the results.  Do they match?  

If not, we have a huge problem.  Even if they totals match, the other scanners used at each polling place need to be validated by running the manually recounted ballots and check the result.  Just because one scanner passes, that doesn't mean that all have the same software.

This is a time that only the most detailed testing can insure that vote totals are accurate.  This election demands the most accurate vote count possible.  

I hope after reading this, you will do the same.  This is something all of us Patriots can do to insure that the vote totals are accurate.  

Please join me in this!


SGT William A. Geresy (ret)

Patriots Heart Network

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