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This is how I have handled them for years.

I tell them, "I'll be happy to answer all your questions once I have cashed a certified check for $10,000."

Most of the time they can't hang up fast enough! 

One lady the other day couldn't stop reading from her script to even acknowledge my question.  I think from her accent and the way she acted, she was overseas.  Can't we even hire Americans to do polling?

I am a capitalist as well as a Constitutionalist.  I believe in a free market system.  I know they want you to give them information free of charge so they can sell it for a profit.  I just want my share of the profit!  If they weren't making money doing this, they wouldn't be doing it.

The Democrats are famous for stealing elections by manufacturing votes.  They have done it during recounts in Minnesota and Washington State to get Democrats in office.  They didn't succeed at this in Florida in 2000 thank God.  How many would have wanted Al Gore president after 9-11?  Not ME!  A President Gore might well have blamed the attacks on Global Warming!

If you read the number behind the polling results, you find that the big number they broadcast is not a raw number.  It is adjusted to fit their biases as to how many people are this or that.  They normally inflate the Democrats and marginalize the number of Republicans.  This can significantly inflate the results for the Democrats.  So add a few for Trump and subtract a few for Hillary and you probably have it about right. 

By not answering pollsters, you are leaving Democrats a bit in the dark as to how many votes they need to create.  This may well be how we win by the Dems not realizing how far we are ahead.

So the next time a pollster calls, ask them to send a check first!  The amount is up to you the capitalist!

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