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IAVA Survey Upends Department Of Veterans Affairs Claims

A recently released IAVA survey upends questionable claims made following a similar evaluation released by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) survey highlights the impact of the disability compensation wait list. It also highlights growing dissatisfaction with VA health care. The latter claim upends a recent assertion from VA that veterans prefer VA health care versus non-VA health care.

SEE IT: IAVA Survey – The Wait We Carry

The difference between the two claims is that IAVA gathered actual claims from veterans while the VA claim relied on a bait and switch to justify gutting the Veterans Choice Card program. Politics as usual for VA health care?

You see, VA craftily claimed veterans prefer VA health care by citing how few veterans were using Veteran Choice Card program after just three months. Of course, using the program is near impossible for most veterans who find VA health care unacceptable.

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So can VA honestly tell America veterans largely prefer VA health care just because few veterans use Veterans Choice?

It would be like saying most poor Americans like being poor because the majority of them live at or below the poverty level. This would be a stupid claim, and almost as stupid as claiming lack of using Veterans Choice means veterans love VA health care. The fact of poor Americans being poor certainly does not show they prefer being poor.

Once we blew the doors off the Veterans Choice deception, VA was forced to answer tough questions. Does this freakishly deceptive position VA tried to trick America with shock anyone anymore?

According to IAVA’s survey of 2,025 American veterans, only half of the veterans said VA health care at least “acceptable.” This paints a different picture than the high 90 score (however they came up with that number, I do not know) claimed by the agency just after the Phoenix wait list scandal surfaced a year ago.

Can you believe the difference? Who do you think is closer to accurate? I think the IAVA survey is closer to my own experience. What about you?

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The great thing about the website is you can drill down into what veterans say in your state. This allows veterans, journalists and politicians an opportunity to drill down further into the data VHA previously held under lock and key.

Take a look at Texas. Approximately 15% of those surveyed stated the condition of VA health care is unacceptable while another 45% said it was minimally acceptable. Since when was minimal standards for veterans considered okay?


Me Here........The Veterans Choice Card is one of the larger scams in America.  When you first read it, it looks like the Veteran has the choice.  Now look carefully at the word "Veterans".  It is plural and not possessive.  There is no apostrophe between the "n" and "s".  It just means at least TWO Veterans will have a Choice.  Without the Veterans Administration's prior permission, the Card it totally worthless.

Here in Michigan with over 600,000 Veterans, even with the slightly redefined 40 mile rule, only about a 1,000 will be eligible.  Or to simply the number, 1 in 600.  Or just .167%  No matter how you compute it, it is a very small group of Veterans that can go outside of the system for health care.  99.833% are still trapped in this failing system.  That is the simple math and facts.

Under this system, if a Veteran lives within 40 miles, no matter how it is figured, of ANY Veterans Administration medical facility, no matter how limited the services, ALL Veteran Administration medical facilities are within 40 miles and must be used. 

Only Veterans are treated this badly when it comes to medical care!

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