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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

I would like to see truth in advertising when it comes to our political parties. The American people are being duped into believing we have a 2 party system where in reality it seems that both parties are working in collusion with one another.

Politics in the mind's eye of Savant Noir should be organized into the following 2 parties: The Globalist Party and the Sovereignty Party.

The Globalist Party (whose basic tenents are outlined below)

1.Environment and Resources: This cluster relates climate change, peak oil, ecosystems and water. Radical and rapid social and economic transformations will be needed to avert runaway climate change and ecological breakdown;

2. Globalisation: This cluster relates interdependence, distribution of wealth and income, demographic change, employment, trade and finance. Rising inequalities and imbalances associated with the present path of globalisation risk the breakdown of the world economic and financial systems;

3. World Development: This cluster relates sustainable development, demographic growth, poverty, environmental stress, food production, health and employment. The scandal of abiding poverty, deprivation, inequity and exclusion in a wealthy world must be corrected;

4. Social Transformation: This cluster relates social change, gender equity, values and ethics, religion and spirituality, culture, identity and behaviour. The values and behaviour on which the present path of world development is based must change if peace and progress are to be preserved within the tightening human and environmental limits;

5. Peace and Security: This cluster relates justice, democracy, governance, solidarity, security and peace. The present path of world development risks alienation, polarization, violence and conflict; the preservation of peace is vital in itself but is also a precondition for progress and for the resolution of the issues which threaten the future.

The Sovereignty Party would have an entirely different view for this Country:

Their campaign platform would look something like this:

Environment and Resources: We want to protect our precious environmental resources and offer tax-credits to those individuals or companies that can show either a reduction of carbon emissions, water usage, pollutant water discharges, or electricity of 5% or more. Tax Credits can be obtained in 1 or all 4 areas. We encourage all countries to develop similar measures. Basic international law shall establish minimum requirements of all Nations, because we recognize that abusive action can have an affect upon other nations. Each Government can impose either a system of punitive damages or a system of incentivizing as they see fit.

Globalization: We encourage bi-lateral equal trade relations with all nations. We believe the world is made up of many different cultures, religions, and unique regional desires. We encourage individuality and will not impose our will upon others as they similarly will not be allowed to impose their will upon us. We believe that the growth and defense of your Nation is your responsibility. We will withdraw all troops from all bases around the world and focus solely on the defense of our Nation. We believe that our founding documents that state "all men are created equal and free to pursue their unalienable rights" should apply to all people, regardless of location. Given this belief, we take a passive role in other people's affairs, allowing them to succeed or fail as they so choose, so long as their actions pose no threat to the United States.

World Development: We wish you the best of luck in managing your world, just don't screw around with ours.

Social Transformation: We believe humankind is naturally evolving; physically, intellectually, and spiritually. We seek to preserve individual freedoms so that natural evolutionary processes can unfold. We believe all people were created equal under the eyes of the Law, but recognize that all people are not created with equal aptitudes. Every individual has the right to pursue their dreams without social impediment. No group or individual is entitled to preferential treatment. All groups or individuals are given equal opportunity. What one does with that opportunity resides solely within the providence of their own freedom of choice. In the wake of any individuals, group, or corporate processes, they are free to exercise their rights so long as the exercising of those freedoms to not encroach upon other similar entities to pursue their same freedoms.

Peace and Security: We believe the best peace one can obtain is through the freedom that allows each individual to develop the plans necessary to the achievement of their goals, be they financial, social, or spiritual. We invite and encourage International Law that restricts all Nations from development and use of WMD's, as these pose a potential threat to our national security, as it does to every nations security. Failure to comply could lead to conflict. (see World Development---don't screw with us).

Immigration: We welcome legal immigration to those individuals that have demonstrated they offer a benefit to our society. Basic assimilation requirements would entail learning our language, culture, and history. We will maintain a quota that is the function of need. Business or Government Agencies requiring job positions to be filled will file such need on a database and immigrants qualified to hold such positions may apply. The need for employment will be the determining factor that sets each annual quota. Successful candidates may enter assimilation process concurrent with their employment. Immigration and legal status is non-discriminant, the best candidate wins.

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