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If You See People Disappearing From Facebook After Criticizing Muslims, HERE’S WHY!!

If you thought that free speech was a universally respected value around the world, you’d be wrong, and especially if you want to say something unflattering about Muslim immigrants on Facebook.

From Mediaite:

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, wasted no time leaning in and explaining that because hate speech “has no place in our society,” the site will be implementing its “Initiative for Civil Courage Online,” which will slowly but surely purge Europe of all xenophobic rhetoric. Facebook is doing this by allocating $1.09 million to support non-government organizations that are attempting to curb online threats and hate speech.

The platform already has rules that ban harassment and threats, but the Initiative for Civil Courage Online takes this opposition to the next level.

In Germany, especially, hateful speech regarding the influx of refugees has been a problem that officials have spoken out against repeatedly. In November, prosecutors in Hamburg began investigating Facebook for not doing enough to prevent the dissemination of hate speech, according to Reuters. The Initiative comes on the heels of this investigation and a public urging from Chancellor Angela Merkel for the social media company to do more to prevent online harassment.

There you have it.

If you see people start disappearing from Facebook because they might have advocated against Muslim immigrants, you’ll know why – the company is censoring your free speech and it’s not even getting forced by the government to do it.

Me Here......And some wonder why I am NOT on Facewaste!  This bigotry by Facewaste will only continue.  If you are Conservative, slowly but surely you will be next.  If you support Mr. Trump, you will be next as the extreme left has nothing but pure hate for him.  If you criticize Hillary or Barry, you will be history.

The left will do all they can to censor speech that exposes the many lies of the left.

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