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Ignore This Email if You’re a Socialist - Building Momentum, Article V Convention

Ignore This Email if You’re a Socialist - Building Momentum, Article V Convention

What more atrocities need the Obama cabal pull off before We The People have finally had enough?

Wealth Daily

By Laura Woolfrey-Macklem

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

In a recent article, I wondered what Americans could do to unite such a divided country and opined the reclamation of our freedom as what should join us.

With a distant and corrupt government, people feel like they can’t possibly make a difference. I hear it all the time.

But a patriot has emerged from the South Carolina State House who, on behalf of his fellow Americans, isn’t going to take it anymore.

What you are about to see could be…

A New Revolution

A growing initiative championed by State Representative Bill Taylor (R-SC) that would bring decision-making closer to the people and away from an out of control federal government is gaining steam.

Rep. Taylor is encouraging state lawmakers from around the country to introduce legislation to establish a national Article V Convention — referring to the Fifth Article of the Constitution.

See Entire Article Below.

South Carolina was the first to call for the Article V Convention, and Virginia and Florida soon followed. According to The Convention of States Project, an organization run by Citizens for Self Governance, several other lawmakers will be introducing similar legislation in their states within the next few weeks.

Under Article V, if two-thirds of the states pass legislation allowing them to submit an application to Congress to establish a Convention of States, Congress is forced to comply to make arrangements for the meeting.

Each state would have a delegate at the convention to debate and discuss the creation of specific Constitutional Amendments, and each would be allowed one vote. The terms of powers afforded to each delegate at the convention will be determined by individual states.

Any proposed amendments must then be approved by three-fourths of the states, meaning 38 states would have to vote in favor in order for ratification of the Constitution to occur.

Said Taylor, “Fortunately, our Founders knew the federal government might one day become too large and too powerful and they specifically inserted a mechanism that gives states a lawful and orderly mechanism to restrain a runaway federal government; it’s Article V of the Constitution.”

He also pointed out that the “federal government is the child of the states” and not the other way around; but “states don’t have a voice anymore.”

Although Rep. Taylor is the first to introduce legislation regarding the establishment of the Article V Convention, there is plenty of support from other bold Americans… (continued)

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