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In response to an article in the Boston Globe....

Again, as a former Bostonian, I had to once again reply and post......

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I can't believe the school system and its leaders are so lacking in foresight and plain 'ol "testosterone" (for lack of another word). When I attended the public school system in the Methuen, MA area, there was no bilingual education. That was the mid-70's. I learned English by watching television programs like Sesame Street, Electric Company, etc. We spoke Italian and Spanish in my home and yet I was able to learn English. My parents knew that English was the way to go for all of us. There was no room or excuse for being tired, lazy, it's too hard, or any of that nonsense.

After a long day of working in the textile mills of Lawrence, MA, my parents and I ate dinner and then went over English manuals and books. How funny that as a kid, I was using my kindergarten books to teach my parents English. I not only had classmates in school but at home.

Moreover, I learned English well enough that on my first day of kindergarten, I made friends and fit right in because I knew English. So don't give me the hogwash that the government and the school system has to make it easier for immigrants. The only thing you are doing or creating by that is giving these people a false sense of hope or satisfying their immediate needs. Give them hope and something to use that will ensure some degree of survival.

Of course, it takes "Um, WORK! on their part." There's nothing the school system can do to eradicate laziness. If these people are lazy, they should return to their countries. WE DON'T need lazy people in our country, especially these days. Eliminate all the "sissy" classes and teach in English. Encourage or mandate that parents take responsibility and help and work with their kids to learn English.

My daughter (at five years old) spoke Spanish, Italian and English. She is now learning German as an elective in her 8th grade. To all those naysayers who say that the native tongue will go by the way side, is hogwash. Again, it boils down to the parents taking responsibility with their children to preserve their native language, heritage and culture. At the same time, to encourage their children to embrace America's heritage, culture and language. If you are offended by the following statement, it's too bad.

This is America, so please make an earnest effort to adapt to our country. Common sense dictates that we would adapt to a new country if we chose to move there. Is that attribute or characteristic only akin to Americans?

Parents are the one's who must enforce learning English at home. The public school system is NOT a babysitter. Our teachers are already tasked with so much!

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Oh yea, GO RED SOX!!!

Eddie V Garcia

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