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Is the Left Planning a Military Coup if Trump Wins?

It is increasingly apparent that this presidential election is important.  Several things will come from our new president.  We will get a long seated Supreme Court Justice, if not several.  We will see the future of healthcare and immigration decided.  And the direction of the war on terror will be mapped out.  Not to mention our trade deals.

With all this hanging in the balance, many are taking this election as a winner takes all proposition.  But, there are a few that have taken it too far.

The Washington Times reports

Normally military coups are instigated by the right, but a senior fellow with the left-wing Foreign Policy Institute is arguing that an overthrow of the U.S. government might be necessary if Republican nominee Donald Trump is elected president.

What’s more, the op-ed by James Kirchick ran Tuesday in a major U.S. newspaper, the Los Angeles Times.

Trump is not only patently unfit to be president, but a danger to America and the world,” Mr. Kirchick wrote in the op-ed. “If Trump wins, a coup isn’t impossible here in the U.S.”

“Voters must stop him before the military has to,” he concluded.

This is hardly meant to be a joke.  The piece was meant to be taken seriously.  This man thinks that Trump will ruin our country and is a danger to the world.  He says this in the hypothetical instance that Trump was to order the murder of terrorist’s families.

But, he also sights the separation of powers in an effort to mock Trump’s brazen attitude.  But is that not how such a situation would be handled?  Do we have to insist on an act so outside of the Constitution that it can only be called illegal?

No, it may just be that the Left is priming the pumps for recourse that is unimaginable.  They want the mindless to think that they had no other recourse but to remove the “dictator” Trump.  When in reality, they know that if Trump wins, all the socialist work Obama has accomplished will be undone.

Me Here.....As one that served 21+ years in the military, the author is so clueless about the military!

When Barry stole the White House, I was in a chat room where some wanted the military to remove Barry from the White House.  I threw all the cold water on that I could.  The military while mostly conservative, it is even more dedicated to be a political. 

The military strongly encourages those serving to vote no mater where they are serving.  Yet with very few commanders that violate the UCMJ to encourage voting for a certain party.

The author I can bet the farm has never served.  If he did, he wouldn't write this crap.  He doesn't know the long and proud traditions of our military.  Our military is dedicated to defending all of us.  The Federal Forces (active and reserves) are barred by law from taking action inside the nation.  The Guard is at the call of the Governor.

One more huge point.  The military is well trained to disobey any and all illegal orders.  To heed any order to stage a coup is hugely illegal.  The members obeying such an illegal order can and should be held legal accountable under the UCMJ.  Those that give the order and those that obey are breaking military law.  So I don't ever see it happening.

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