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Jesus Gospel Ministry activities in August 2011

Beloved in Jesus Christ,


            Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Thank you so much for all your valuable Prayers for our Jesus Gospel Ministry.  In August our team went to the nearer rural villages in the Narsapur town and gave Gospel Tracts door to door and Prayed for the sick people.  We gave some financial support for poor widows and poor Pastors.  I and my wife Jerusha went to Vishakhapatnam Town which is 300 miles away from the Narsapur, there we reached the unreached people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the nearer rural villages and we gave to them food to eat and gave some financial support for poor people.  For your reference I am sending the photographs.  Please see the photos and Pray for our Jesus Gospel Ministry. 


Through our ministry we are helping the orphans, widows and poor Pastors in India.  Please Pray to get sponsors for orphans, widows and poor Pastors and tell about this Prayer Needs to your friends, Church members and relatives to Pray.  We gave all the photos and details of orphans, widows and poor Pastors on our website.  We newly upload a video named “ About poor and orphan’s Life in India ” on Youtube.  Please click the billow links to see the photos and video.  Thank you.


Your servant in Jesus Christ,


Pastor Jachin Charley



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