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Join Melissa and I tonight for the Make-A-Statement Radio Show with Michael Johns

Be sure to join the Make-a-Statement Radio Show this evening, Thursday March 26, at 11:30pm ET/8:30pm PT, for what is certain to be one of our most important and popular shows to date. Former White House speechwriter and Heritage Foundation policy analyst Michael Johns, one of the nation's most prominent conservative commentators and policy experts, has agreed to join us for the full hour to discuss the dangers in Obama's emerging fiscal and foreign policies. Michael is known globally for accurate and insightful assessments of the nation's political direction, and for his extraordinary influence on the nation's political climate. Michael was among the first to predict, immediately following this past November's election, that the Obama administration would serve as an impetutus to a grassroots conservative rebellion possibly unprecedented in American history. So far, that's a prediction that looks right on target. Listen in tonight as he discusses his thesis that conservatism's brightest days are yet to come.

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