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Judge Moore and Chess
I know we are not happy with Judge Moore losing in Alabama last night. Take heart that the news is not all bad.
This reminds me of a game of chess I played with a friend back at Griffiss AFB, NY many many years ago. I had never beaten my friend and this game was looking no different. I was pushed back into my corner on the left of the board. I was studying the situation and saw I had my queen backed by a bishop on the diagonal that ended at the center pawn of his castle. (For those that don’t play chess, that is a strong defensive position for the king to be in.)
There was a problem. The pawn was guarded by his knight. I pondered what to do about the knight. I had no piece in position to take the knight. Then I saw a possibility. I had a knight that I could move so only his knight could take it. But would he fall for this? I made the move.
He pondered taking the knight. It wasn’t guarded so it was free for the taking. Yet he was puzzled. This wasn’t like me to give away a piece so easily. He finally took my knight.
I knew the game was over for him. He fell for the trap. I waited a bit and then moved my queen to take the center pawn and proudly stated, “Checkmate!”
He was stunned. He just stared at the board in utter disbelief.
Now you are wondering what the heck this has to do with Judge Moore. I am thinking that Judge Moore was that knight I had to sacrifice to win. In the military, sometimes it is better to give ground that is hard to defend to strengthen your overall position.
This loss has taken away from the Democrats a key card they were planning to use against President Trump, the sex scandal card. The Democrats were going to use a Senator Moore to hammer the GOP and President Trump on the issue. While they still will try, the Democrats are far more vulnerable on this issue. This is where we attack. They have moved into indefensible ground they can’t hold. Now it is time to move the queen forward!
The Democrats have lost Representative Conyers of Michigan. They now have to force Senator Franken to resign. That is a start. Here is where we crush their castle with our queen to checkmate their king.
The first target is both of the Clintons. Both have a terrible record on the issue. We all know about the impeachment of President Clinton for sexual misdeeds literally in the Oval Office. Plus as Attorney General of Arkansas, he misused women and raped women. Now we can finally make the Democrats pay heavily for not convicting him in the Senate. Hillary was the defense attorney that got a rapist declared not guilty and bragged about it. We need to force the Democrats disavow the Clintons if they are to have a shred of credibility to go after President Trump. Until they do, the Democrats must be laughed at.
There are allegations against Senator Sanders.
There is or has been a slush fund in the Legislature to pay off ladies for sexual harassment. We need to find out who these people are. They need to go no matter what their party. I have a feeling it will be mostly Democrats.
Since the Democrats are trying the “He ogled me.” Against president Trump, I think that even puts President Carter in play since he stated, “I have lusted in my heart.” I think lust is worse than ogle.
We can go into the past with Democrats that the Party reveres. We can go after the three Kennedy brothers. All have of them have used and abused women up to and including homicide.
We can even go after President Roosevelt. It wasn’t his wife that was with him in Hot Springs when he died. It was his secretary/mistress. If the public back then had known, FDR probably would not have even been a 1 term President.
The amount of sexual dirt on the Democrats is large and growing. We need to use whatever means at our disposal to get the word out. That could temper their lust against President Trump on this issue. I am going to be working on a letter to my two Democrat Senators on this. I will post it here after I send it.
For now, please use Patriot’s Heart as a forum for sharing any stories you know about or learn about. The more we share, the more powerful we can be.
SGT William Geresy (ret)
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Comment by GIT-R-DONE! on December 13, 2017 at 1:39pm

What about the taxpayer funded slush fund to pay off sexual abuse claims? We need to see who these people are. My bet is they are mostly Democrats (not all). I want to know who, what, when, & where.

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