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Recently Gerry Donaldson hosted a show with Terry Baldwin and Daniel Miller of the Texas National Movement. The topic was Secession and the Texas National Movement. On a personal level, this is not a topic I would choose to host on my show. I personally am adamantly against separatist movements, unless it is through legal action of State Legislatures. At the State level, I am passionately in support of states' rights as laid out in the US Constitution.

Also, as I feel liberty is our right to life, I believe that We The People MUST have a voice in our government and that the politicians have not been listening. That said, the solution is to rise up and vote them out!

As the Editor in Chief at Patriot's Heart Network, there is a general hands-off policy with the Hosts and the topics of their shows. The guests do not reflect editorial policy of Patriot's Heart Network.

The new media.... If we prevent messengers from having a voice then are we any different than the mainstream media? In the current political climate, it takes courage to stand for freedom of the press. That freedom sometimes means allowing voices that are not in the mainstream. I trust our programing provides sufficient information for Americans to discern their positions on critical issues to our Republic.

I am writing this post because truly, I will not fathom the breakup of our Republic. We The People need to stand up and take responsibility for governance. Therein lies Liberty. We are one nation under God. We have a responsibility and a job to do!

Personally, with all of my heart, I pledge to help spread liberty, and to encourage all Americans to wake up and engage in the process of governance. I love the United States of America.

Additionally, Patriot's Heart Network will continue to develop a community that reflects the inner conviction the many founders of Patriot's Heart have, believing that Liberty, and our Republic are maintained through education. We provide resources for the public and voices to those who seek to move career politicians out of office! We also believe the courts provide solutions and we are passionately engaged there.

You will see many changes in the next few days as we upgrade our offerings. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel HERE as we will be uploading new videos. We have new technology that we are launching these productions with. We welcome your feedback!

From my heart to yours,
I pledge to Spread Liberty!

May God Bless all of you,

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