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Friday, I got a call from my State Representative Genetski.  Finally, some action.  He agreed that security wasn't what it should be.  He couldn't tell me who was in charge of Security that day or who he works for.


Genetski did tell me that the Mayor of Lansing is a huge union supporter.  So it is logical that he didn't want his police getting involved helping the opposition.  This may explain why the Lansing City Police refused a personal request for help on the 11th.  Still that is not proper police action.  And if their area was off of the Capitol grounds, why were they on the Captiol grounds?  That is a new question now.


He didn't have any answers as to why the calls to Capitol Security and 911 went unanswered.  He said he will be looking into it.


I reminded Genetski that not that far away is the State of Michigan National Guard Combined Headquarters.  The Legislature should have asked the Governor to have the National Guard come and help with security.  There are a great many that work at Headquarters.  So no call-up would have been needed.  It would just be having them leave Headquarters and be on the Capitol grounds in riot gear.  This wouldn't have cost the state a dime this way.  He agreed.


Today, I got a call from my Township Supervisor.  Mike had gotten a call from Genetski's office with more information.


Security was divided up three ways.  Capitol Security was responcible for security inside the building.  State Police were to handle the grounds.  Lansing City Police were to handle the crowd beyond the grounds.  That was the plan and it failed.


The State Police were used in all three locations at various times.  The State Police were the go to force inside the Capitol when union thugs tried to interupt the Legislature while it was in session.  And when union thugs entered a window to gain access to the building.  Karen saw this happen.


State Police were used to secure the Senate Office Building and the Governor's Office.


But still, none could come to AFP's aid when needed.  That is still wrong.


So a few questions have been answered.  Many more still remain.  I will keep trying to get answers and post them here. 

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