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It has been a while since I have typed about this.  The issue has not died.  I am doing my best to insure it doesn't. 


I have been talking in person with State Representative Genetski on this.  There is an investigation going on in the State House.  Last night I learned myself and Karen Damvelt probably will be invited to testify about this security disaster in Lansing.  That will be interesting! 


My points will be that many calls for help were ignored by 911, Capitol Security, and Lansing City Police.  It seems that all put union activism ahead of public safety.  That is just plain wrong.  The police’s duty is to be the cavalry and come to the aid of citizens, period.  That is the oath they took.  At least it is the oath they should have taken.  It shouldn’t be to protect the union first and the public second. 


The only solution seems to be calling in the National Guard.  State Headquarters for both that Army and Air Force National Guard is in Lansing not that far away.  There are many, more than enough that could be brought in without any additional cost to the State of Michigan. 


As a retired Army National Guardsman, that is part of our mission.  Since the police refuse to do their sworn duty, the Capitol should no longer rely on police for security on the Capitol Grounds.  This duty now has fallen on the National Guard for the future.  I am sure if given this mission, the Guard will carry it out.


It is very sad that we have come to this, but I see no other option.


I am still trying to find out who was in charge of security that day.  I have not been given the person’s name or title.  I will stress that from what I saw and have learned that the individual should be fired for not performing their duty on the two days I was in Lansing.  I still feel I could have prepared a better plan to protect the Capitol Building, State Legislature and Governor Offices and all people and property of those supporting Right to Work.  The tents and supporters would not have been harmed.  Anyone trying those actions to borrow from an old TV program should be “cuffed and stuffed” and made a guest of a jail for a couple of days to cool off.


So far I have learned of very few charges being filed against any of the union thugs.  I don’t know for what actions charges have been filed.  The overtime for the police seems excessive when they failed in so many ways on the Capitol Grounds.  I don’t know how some can justify collecting that pay for doing nothing to help others.  I guess the pay was just for being in uniform and being there.


I will type more as I learn more.  So stay tuned as they say.  I am not letting this issue die!!!!   

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