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"...what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?” “A Republic, if you can keep it

The founders of the Constitution knew their classics and history....Biblical, Greek, Roman, European, and American.
Some of the founders could read the classics in their original languages. They were profound advanced scholars.
They based the Constitution on "ancient laws" that were the foundation of two of the most perfect governments in history. Ancient Isreal was the first nation in history to have a system of representative government. 1,500 years later the Anglo Saxons were living under an almost identical system. These people were the source of the "ancient principles." In both systems, "The Witen (or Parliment) was under obligation to make certain that the laws of the land conformed with the revealed laws of God. Any which did not were abolished and renounced as being unconstitutional and void. The Witen was also under obligation to see that every man, whether rich or poor, was fully protected in his common rights and treated with equal solicitude and care." p. 59 The Making of America, Skousen

How have we allowed our country to continue to lose the "based on the laws of God" aspect of our government? We are under the threat of losing the blessings of God as a Nation if we don't reverse the current trend of becoming a Godless Nation.

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