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Lawsuit Filed Against Whitmer’s Plans That Could Imprison Business Owners Who Defy Executive Orders

The Mackinac Center for Public Policy has sued Gov. Gretchen Whitmer over her plan that allows the state to fine business owners up to $70,000 and impose up to three years incarceration for violating her executive orders. Under the emergency powers laws, fines were limited to $500 and jail time was capped at 90 days.
Whitmer’s workplace rules for reopening will be enforced by the Michigan Occupational Health and Safety Administration. That allows for greater fines and longer incarceration than what was allowed under emergency powers laws.
There are numerous county sheriffs who refused to enforce Whitmer’s executive orders. Under Whitmer’s new plan, the enforcement will be done by unelected bureaucrats within her administration.

Me Here...Comrade Whitmer is power mad!  Her draconian and unconstitutional rule is destroying my state.

I can only guess that Comrade Whitmer wants to greatly exceed our last Democrat Governor's record of the lost decade.  It seems Comrade Whitmer wants a scorched earth devastation for Michigan!

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