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Dear Representative/Senator


• That you are transforming our Society in the name of 'equity' at every level
• That Agenda 21 is the program you follow to do so
• That you have a timetable as outlined in the UNFCCC and the Marrakech Transition Process
• That you have a 'vision' of what is sustainable and that which you deem non-sustainable
• That you are grabbing our land via Wildlands Projects
• That you partake in cronyism with your questionable Public/Private Partnerships
• That you are assaulting our private property rights with Cap and Trade
• That you are engineering where we will live, how we will live, what we will eat, etc.
• That ‘smart growth’ is the prevailing plan for an infrastructure that serves our enslavement
• That Health Care Reform is the ‘body grab’, just as Sustainable Development is the ‘land grab’
• That the Czar’s have been among the chief architects providing the framework for Agenda 21
• That you have stolen 3 generations of our children to indoctrinate them into ‘green’ stewardship
• That your ‘climate-change’ science is highly challenged and questionable
• That you have built an entire political agenda around what is proving to be your climate-change lie.

You were not elected to impose your will upon Society. We will not be 'processed.' You were elected to uphold and defend our Society. You were not elected to rob us of our freedom. You were elected to help preserve individual freedom. You were not elected to destroy the Sovereignty of our Nation. You were elected to strengthen our heritage, our culture, and to help build a better and stronger America by embracing the morals and principles that made us the Great Nation we once were.

We have exposed you. We see what you are doing. We understand why you are doing it, and We the People will stop you. We are watching closely, and those that manipulate the values upon which this Country has been built, are deemed by us to be enemies of the State. We will exert our time, our money, and our efforts to see that you never hold a seat in Government again. Your vote of "Yes" to either Health Care Reform or Cap and Trade, will be our vote of NO against you. We are awake, we are determined, and we are coming.


This is not a theory, it is a fact. In 1992 G.H. Bush signed Agenda 21. It did not require ratification because it is not a treaty. Agenda 21 is the outcome of the Rio Earth Summit meeting, which was the 'think tank'. Most of Obama's czars were all architects of this construct. In 1993 Clinton signed into law; by Executive Order; the President's Council of Sustainable Development based upon Agenda 21. Where the Earth Summit was the philosophy, Agenda 21 is the Program for Implementation. This was not quite the end of it though. Following Agenda 21 came the timeframe by which this program is to take place. It is called The Marrakech Transition Process. What we have been currently alerted to is the United Nations Copenhagen Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which is the Treaty that is the outcome of the Agenda 21 Program and legally binds all its signatories.

Help me get this letter faxed out by the millions. We must assault these goons by all means possible, and we must use the nomenclature of awareness. Share with your friends, have them share...but most importantly..FAX IT! Links below will explain these FACTS to those that remain unawares.

Sustainable Development/Agenda 21
Sustainable Medicine
Sustainable Economy
Sustainable Education

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