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Letter to my Michigan Senators on the Firing on FBI Director Comey

Dear Senator Stabenow and Peters:


I am pleased you want a special prosecutor, but you have the wrong targets.  After all these months of investigating a President Trump Russian connection nothing has been found.  While Russia may have done stuff to influence the 2016 election, there is no connection to the Trump connection.

A special prosecutor is greatly needed for the following people:  Former SoS Hillary Clinton, Former President William Clinton, Former AG Lynch, Former FBI Director Comey, Former AG Holder, Huma, IRS Loretta Learner, and probably this will uncover more.

The former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton violated the law in improperly handing highly classified information.  Former FBI Director clearly made the case that Hillary should have been charged with multiple felonies.  I held a Top Secret when I was in the Air Force.  If I had done what Hillary did, this would be coming to you from the Military Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.  She used an unauthorized unsecured server and e-mail system to handle most highly classified documents.  She also violated law by deleting e-mails that law requires to be saved.  Hillary needs to be investigated for her known Russian connection as she allowed some 20% of our uranium to the Russians.  Hillary needs to be investigated for her Clinton Foundation.  Was it a pay-to-play operation to enrich Hillary?  Hillary needs to be investigated for how she deliberately misled Americans with her multiple lies about Benghazi.

Former President William Clinton should be investigated for his part in the Clinton Foundation.

Both Former President Clinton and Former AG Lynch for that most suspicious 30 minute meeting on the ramp at the Phoenix Airport a couple days before Former Comey laid out the facts about Hilllary’s e-mail scandal.  What went on inside the airplane?  Did William Clinton tell Lynch that she would have huge trouble if Comey recommended felony charges against Hillary?  The American people deserve to know what happened.  It sure looks very, very bad.

Former FBI Director Comey should be investigated for why he didn’t seek charges against Hillary for the e-mail scandal.  His conduct was extremely outside of the normal operating procedure for the FBI.  Was he told to find a way not to?  Was he bribed or threatened?  Why did Comey not investigate the Clinton Foundation?  Why didn’t Comey investigate the IRS illegally blocking TEA Party groups from getting 501C-4 status?

Huma, aide to Hillary has been found to have illegally have and forward to unauthorized people, her husband.  This is a very serious violation of law.  This must be investigated fully.

Loretta Learner should be investigated for her misconduct in illegally withholding 501C-4 status to multiple TEA Party groups.  Was this done on her own?  Was she told to do this by higher ups?  The IRS is suppose to be above all politics from all sides.  The only mission of the IRS is supposed to be only about collecting and enforcing our too many tax laws.

So there is much that must be investigated by a special prosecutor.  There are real crimes and actions that have created much distrust on our government.  Are you at all interested in getting to the bottom of all of these?  Or are you only interested in digging deeper the dry hole that is the mythical Trump Russia connection?  This would be creating an ever growing money pit that will produce nothing.  While investigating the ones I have listed above will produce results.

Or is this just like the Impeachment Trial of President Clinton where despite overwhelming evidence to justify a Guilty verdict, every Democrat Senator violated their special oath to vote innocent.  This most clearly was the good of the party over the good of the Nation.  Do we now have an ultra-high standard for Republicans and no standard for others favored by the Democrats?

I await your reply


William A. Geresy

Plainwell, MI 49080

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