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Dear Senator:

Today the Senate confirmed Judge Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. This was done despite your side’s despicable tactics to attempt to prevent. This nomination was to be strongly opposed no matter who President nominated. But America was shocked by how low your side is willing to go. What a disgrace!

You voted “NO”. You never said anything to those protesting to have a civil discussion. So I can only conclude these outrageous tactics were supported by you. So is your party now the party of mob rule?

You seem to support a new theory of guilty and don’t you dare to attempt to say anything against the claim no matter how false it is. That is a complete disgrace and unworthy of your position as a Senator from the great state of Michigan.

You fail to understand that I too am a survivor. I have been falsely accused of sexual harassment. I was not told what the act was that brought the complaint. I was not told who made the complaint. I was denied ANY chance to defend myself in any way. From the moment the complaint was made, I was judged GUILTY. This is the very definition of a “kangaroo court”.

From what I have seen during now Associate Justice Kavanaugh’s confirmation process, you would support how I was treated. I am sure our newest Associate Justice will be extremely sensitive to Americans that our legal system has denied them their right to a proper defense.

I served 21+ years in the military. I am a veteran of the Vietnam Era, Cold War, and Operation Iraqi Freedom. I have put my butt on the line to defend the Constitution and the Nation I am so proud of.

I am sure that Associate Justice Kavanaugh will defend the Constitution in the US Supreme Court. He will rule based on the Constitution and the law based on what IS written. That is what I served to have the US Supreme Court do.

Any member that would do otherwise is unworthy of being on the highest court.

The extreme conduct of your side during Associate Justice Kavanaugh confirmation has had one good result. It has woken up all Republicans. We all have seen how destructive your side is in the quest for power. We are now energized and ready to vote as many of your side out of office as possible.

Your conduct has prompted me to make a large contribution to Mr. John James’s campaign for Senate. I have never done this before. I am sure I am not the only person to dig deep in the budget to do this. I will be proudly voting for Mr. James to help bring civility and honor back to the Senate.

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