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We have all seen it.  If you don't agree with the misinformation they spout, they don't like it.  They really don't. 


They get mean, nasty, and start calling you all sorts of not nice names.  It has happened to us all.


They can't debate you on merit.  They don't like it when we correct them with facts.  They don't like it at all when you tell them their so called heroes really aren't heroes, but slick liars that claim credit for the work of conservatives.  Case in point is Former President Clinton.  Oh how it gets them agry when you tell them that he only stole the credit for balancing the budget.  It was the hard work of Speaker Gingrich and Majority Leader Lott that did all the work against a fire storm of critism both from Clinton and the press.  It was only when Clinton's many polls told him he had to sign it to keep his phony poplularity that he reluctantly signed.  Then when it was working, he said that it was all his idea and doing.  The press of course backed up his every lie.  Even today Clinton takes all the bows for his stolen "glory".  Just ask any lib and they will repeat the lies every time.


Today, I had a major fight with one on "his" board.  During the night he thought he was cute by stealing my photo from here and putting in on the top of his board surrounded by Nazi flags.  And how many times have we be called Nazis for defending freedom?  So I complained to the group that ran the board hosting site.  As best as I can tell, they have closed his site down for using the picture from here without my or Sharon's permission.  Again this shows the mean, nasty, hate liberals have for conservatives that correct their lies, challenge their lies, and refuse to back down.


In their book, we are supposed to run away when they get mean and nasty.  We are never supposed to ever correct them.  We are, like them, just supposed to parrot mindlessly the lies from the Democrat Party and the liberal press.  Their word on anything is supposed to be the last word on anything.


Well, it is time to stand our ground.  It is time to keep correcting them with facts and truth.


I only wish some of our national so called leaders would learn to do this.  And that is part of the reason we lost.  We didn't take on their lies.  They didn't correct. 


This must change if we are to win.

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